How We Keep Step with You

Something useful can always be found among our programs. Learning more about the Japan Foundation may be all that is necessary for you to expand your range of activities and stay connected to Japan and the world.

  1. 1.Overview of the Japan Foundation
  2. 2.What We Do to Engage with People Throughout the World
  3. 3. How We Support People in Cultural Exchange
  4. 4.The Japan Foundation's Overseas Offices
  5. 5.What We Have Done / Looking Back on the Achievements of the Last Forty Years
  6. 6.How We Keep Step with You

If you are interested in arts and cultural activities:

We support international activities of artists and NPOs related to arts and culture.
Find artist-in-residence programs that fit you.
Find the latest information on the performing arts, books and films in Japan.

If you are interested in Japanese-language education abroad:

Find elements that can be freely incorporated into Japanese-language teaching materials.
We publish books and resources on the state of Japaneselanguage education and teaching methods.

If you are a learner of Japanese language:

Find information about the Japanese-Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) here.
You can learn Japanese on the Internet.
Online version of Erin's Challenge! I can speak Japanese

If you are a researcher:

The Foundation provides grants for international conferences and other opportunities for networking between researchers in different countries and fields of study, and fellowships to Japanese studies researchers.
We have a wide range of publications on Japan available in various languages.
Contact the closest Japan Foundation library near you or library at the Tokyo headquarters.

For more on the Japan Foundation:

Find stories of international cultural exchange on our online periodical Wochi Kochi.
Subscribe to our E-mail magazine on the Japan Foundation’s news and recommended events
Follow us on our Facebook and Twitter.

If you would like to support the Japan Foundation:

To further promote international cultural exchange, we sincerely ask for your donations.

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