Press Release (FY2007-2008)

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Mar. 5, 2008

Public Symposium "Family and Work"- Finding Policies for Supporting Family and Work in a Matured Economy -Organized by Japan Foundation and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung (PDF:99KB)

Mar. 3, 2008

Abe Fellowship 2007 Announced (PDF:36KB)

Feb. 8, 2008 "Survey Report on Japanese-Language Education Abroad 2006" has been released! (PDF:26KB)
Dec. 11, 2007 South Asia Future Forum Public Reporting Session: "The Asians Connect: Portrayal of Japan from South Asian Perspectives" (PDF:39KB)
Nov. 20, 2007 International Symposium
"Towards an East Asia Community: Beyond Cross-Cultural Diversity"
Inter-cultural, Inter-societal, Inter-faith Dialogue (PDF:106KB)
Nov. 7, 2007 Announcement of the Preliminary Results: Overseas Learners of Japanese-language amounting to 2.98 Million! (PDF:31KB)
Nov. 2, 2007 The 2007 Japan Foundation Prizes for Global Citizenship Announced (PDF:35KB)
Oct. 26, 2007 Eminent Guatemalan Author Rodrigo Rey Rosa Visiting Japan: Lecture to Be Held (PDF:110KB)
Oct. 26, 2007 Press Conference Announcement
Overseas Learners of the Japanese Language Approaching Three Million (PDF:176KB)
Oct. 19, 2007 Biennials / Triennials: Today's Questions Symposium for the Yokohama Triennale 2008 (PDF:158KB)
Oct. 17, 2007 Asia Leadership Fellow Program Public Symposium
Unity in Diversity: From Exclusive State to Collaborating Communities (PDF:85KB)
Sep. 28, 2007 U.S.-Japan Symposium "Is the Image of Japan Changing? - Perspectives of Japanese Americans in Media-" (PDF:177KB)
Sep. 6, 2007 Asia Leadership Fellow Program
Asian Leaders Camp in Tokyo to Explore Unity in Diversity (PDF:68KB)
Sep. 4, 2007 Japanese Language DVD: Sale of “Erin’s Challenge! I Can Speak Japanese” (PDF:130KB)
Aug. 30, 2007 Announcement of the Recipients of The Japan Foundation Award and Special Prizes 2007 (PDF:131KB)
Aug. 29, 2007 Public Symposium "Global Carbon Reduction: Developing New Strategies and Deploying New Technologies in Japan and the United States" (PDF:29KB)
Jul. 17, 2007 Yasmin Ahmad and the New Wave of Malaysian Cinema: In Commemoration of Japan-Malaysia Friendship Year 2007 (PDF:200KB)
Jul. 6, 2007 New Dictionary Website for Foreign Care Workers (PDF:150KB)
Jul. 3, 2007 Invitational Program for Secondary School Educators from Indonesia (PDF:96KB)
Jun. 5, 2007 Japanese Exhibition Opens at 52nd Venice Biennale (PDF:82KB)
May. 14, 2007 The 48th International Speech Contest in Japanese (PDF:83KB)
May. 9, 2007 Results of the 2006 Japanese Language Proficiency Test (PDF:211KB)
May. 1, 2007 Screenings of English-Subtitled Japanese Films (PDF:67KB)
Apr. 10, 2007 Public Seminar on Endowed Chairs at Japanese and US Universities (PDF:28KB)
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