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Annual Report 2012/2013 Overview of Arts and Cultural Exchange Programs

Overview of Arts andCultural Exchange Programs

Introducing the Diversity of Japan's Arts and Culture Abroad

The Japan Foundation introduces to people across the globe the richness and diversity of Japan's arts and culture-ranging widely from traditional performing art to contemporary art, and from styles of food, clothing, and shelter to senses of values-through performances,demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, films and television, translations and publications, lectures and dialogue, and other means.
The Japan Foundation plans activities to promote Japanese culture abroad taking into account individual local situations and needs, focusing intensively on specific regions and countries, and continuously and efficiently approaching the world at large. It also provides basic information on Japanese arts and culture at all times through the Internet.(see)

Focus on Diplomatically Significant Opportunities and Regions/Countries

The Japan Foundation coordinates large-scale projects with strong appeal taking advantage of opportunities such as the 60th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Israel, and the year of friendship and peace between Japan and Timor-Leste (the 10thanniversary of diplomatic relations). For diplomatically significant countries such as the United States, China,and Russia, the Japan Foundation strives to promoteJapanese culture by combining a comprehensive range of projects, all while taking into account the needs of each country.

Continuous Projects and Programs Approaching the World at Large

The Japan Foundation organizes exhibitions and film screenings across the globe making use of its cultural resources including traveling exhibitions on a variety of themes ranging from architecture,design to pop culture; libraries of Japanese films translated into 12 languages; and DVDs of fictional films and documentaries. The Japan Foundation also introduces Japanese culture abroad on a continuous basis through television broadcasts of dramas,anime, and documentary programs as well as through participation in international book fairs and art and architecture exhibitions.

Contributing to the World through Arts and Culture

The Japan Foundation organizes continuous exchange, joint production, and collaboration projects between experts across national borders to build a solid network in various fields of arts and culture. It makes full use of Japan's experience and expertise to support the development of human resources with knowledge needed by the receiving country, and thereby prepares a foundation on which international cultural exchange may continue. Moreover, it creates spaces where the people of Japan and foreign countries can face global challenges such as disaster recovery, the environment,peace building, and the preservation and utilization of cultural heritage together through arts and culture. (see)

Interactive, Collaborative Exchange Programs

The Japan Foundation invites to Japan and dispatches abroad museum curators, theatrical presenters and producers, film directors, specialists in the preservation of cultural assets and heritage, and other leaders and supporters of arts and culture activities to take part in international symposiums and continuous dialogue projects, and thereby creates a network of experts and works to deepen relations between them. It also provides spaces in which Japanese and foreign artists and staff members can spend long periods of time to complete a theatrical production or art exhibition together, and introduces the product of their endeavors in Japan and abroad.

Initiatives to Tackle Global Challenges

The Japan Foundation takes full advantage of the power of arts and culture-their ability to elicit empathy beyond national borders and languages-in its aim to work hand-in-hand with the world to address challenges such as disaster recovery, peace building, and the environment. In fiscal 2012, it organized numerous projects focusing on recovery from the Great East Japan Earthquake. With these projects we hope to share the stories of the people affected by the disaster with the world and to generate ideas and empathy through arts and culture, and thus to help in taking further steps toward recovery.

Youth Exchange with China (see)

Fostering Future Leaders of Japan-China Exchange

The Japan Foundation promotes Japan-China exchange between citizens centering on youths with a focus on bidirectional, collaborative programs for the purpose of fostering leaders of Japan-China relations in the future and encouraging wider and deeper heart-to-heart communication.

  • 1.a fashion show and lectures in Brazil.,the Japanese manga/anime in Jakarta.
  • 3.the 23rd Doha International Book Fair.

    1.Matohu designers Hiroyuki Horihata and Makiko Sekiguchi presented a fashion show and lectures in Brazil. 2.Cork, Inc., CEO Yohei Sadoshima and Yomiuri Telecasting Corporation producer Koji Nagai lectured about the Japanese manga/anime in Jakarta. 3.Japan was officially invited to the 23r d Doha International Book Fair commemorating the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Japan and Qatar. Events ranging widely from calligraphy to a demonstration in robotic technology drew an audience of more than 20,000. 4.Exhibition "Art in Japan 1868-1945" at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome(see)5.Robot theater I, Worker at Japan Society, New York

  • 4.Exhibition "Art in Japan 1868-1945" at the National Gallery of Modern Art, Rome