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Arts and Cultural Exchange

Arts and Cultural Exchange Programs

1 Presenting Japan's Diverse Arts and Culture Overseas

We showcase a wide range of Japan's rich and diverse arts and culture to people around the world. They include traditional performing arts, modern art, food, fashion, architecture, lifestyles, and personal values. We hold stage performances, live demonstrations, workshops, exhibitions, film screenings, TV programs, lectures, panel discussions, and also provide translated and printed materials.

Events are designed to suit the respective country or region's situation and requirements. While special attention is given to major regions and countries, we continue to present Japanese culture to all parts of the world effectively. Also, basic information about Japanese arts and culture is always available at our websites.see

Focusing on Important Diplomatic Occasions, Countries, and Regions
Continuing Programs and Projects for the World

2 Contributing to the World through Arts and Culture

We provide opportunities for specialists from different countries to meet and collaborate on joint productions or projects. This helps to build strong networks in various fields of arts and culture.

While drawing on Japan's expertise and experience, we assist in the training of specialists in countries that need it to build a foundation for lasting international cultural exchange.

Through arts and culture, the Japan Foundation also gives opportunities to people in Japan and overseas to think together about global issues like disaster recovery, the environment, building peace, and protecting and using cultural heritage properties. It is to deepen people's awareness of mutual interests.see

Interactive, Collaborative Exchange Programs
Taking on Global Challenges

3 Youth Exchange with China

We promote exchanges between Japanese and Chinese youth, our future leaders.

By providing them a chance to experience each other's lifestyle and culture, we hope them to deepen their mutual understanding and have heart-to-heart friendships. This program emphasizes two-way exchanges and mutual cooperation.see

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