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  • Photo of Arts and Cultural Exchange : Okinawan traditional dance with audience participation in South America
  • Photo of Yayoi Kusama's work at "Logical Emotion" exhibition in Switzerland
  • Photo of "M_k_ng Sp_c_: WE ARE WHERE WE AREN'T" exhibition curated by Ong Jo-Lene, part of "RUN & LEARN" in Malaysia / Photo: Chris Pereira
  • Photo of At the 14th Venice Biennale of Architecture, the Japan Pavilion's In the Real World: A Storehouse of Contemporary Architecture exhibition (commissioner: Kayoko Ota). Photo: Takeshi Yamagishi
  • Photo of Exchange Program for Asia Student Package Design Competition (workshop in Japan)

Arts and Cultural Exchange

We present Japan's rich culture and myriad of arts to the world in diverse ways. Through arts and culture, we convey Japan's heart and mind to the world and give people a chance to relate to Japan by overcoming the language barrier. We also aim to spread the joy of artistic creation, thereby deepening people-to-people exchanges.