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Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange

Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Programs

1Promoting Japanese Studies Overseas

The Japan Foundation aims to promote better understanding of Japan overseas and develop good relations with other countries. We support key Japanese studies institutions, experts and networking opportunities among them.see

Supporting Japanese Studies Institutions
Supporting Japanese Studies Scholars
Developing Japanese Studies Networks

2Promoting Intellectual Exchange

We advance international understanding in diverse segments and fields and make intellectual contributions for global development and stability.see

Expanding Intellectual Dialogue and International Outreach
Human Resources Development

3 Intellectual and Grassroots Exchanges with the United States

Japan-U.S. ties are being strengthened by a partnership to tackle global issues, train people, and build networks.see

4 Youth Exchange Programs with the United States

To facilitate deeper mutual understanding, we support the networking among exchange activity leaders, and the nurturing of global-oriented young people.see

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