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Summary of Asia Center Programs

1. "NIHONGO Partners" Program (see)

Thailand (29 Partners at 29 schools)
The Philippines (5 Partners at 8 schools)
Indonesia (48 Partners at 52 schools)
Vietnam (10 Partners at 37 schools)
Malaysia (8 Partners at 8 schools)
Total: 100 Partners at 134 schools

2. Two-Way Exchange of Culture (see)

(1) People-to-People Exchange Program in Asia

Japan-Singapore Architecture Student Exchange
HANDs! ― Hope and Dreams- Project!
Japan-Myanmar Language School Exchange
Symposium and Talk on documentary film We Want (U) to Know
Society for Asian Cinema Studies
Exchange Program for Asia Student Package Design (Managed by Arts and Culture Dept.)
Grants: 46

(2) Asia Center Fellowships

: 2

(3) Promotion and Support for Building Networks in Asia

Specialist sent to Contemporary Dialogues Yangon (Myanmar)
Short Term Invitation Program for Cultural Leaders: Sulaphet Keoviengkham (Laos)

(4) Asian Cultural Collaboration Initiative

(Fine Art, Exhibitions, Architecture)

Modern Arts and Crafts Exchange in Asia (Beauty of KŌGEI: Art Crafts in Japan)
Media/Art Kitchen
Asia's Avant-garde
Asia 20th-century Modern Architecture Heritage Project (Managed by Arts and Culture Dept.)


Collaboration with Tokyo International Film Festival

  2. Asian film screenings
  3. The Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia Center
  4. Invitation of film professionals from Asia

Exchange Program for Students in Film Studies …and Action! Asia
Visual Documentary Project

(Performing arts)

Ensembles Asia

  1. Asian Music Network
  2. Asian Sounds Research
  3. Ensembles Asia Orchestra
  4. Asian Meeting Festival

Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama (TPAM in Yokohama) 2015

  1. Invitation of presenters
  2. Asia Research Project
  3. Asian Co-production and Research Project
  4. Asia Interview Series (TPAM)

Kyoto International Performing Arts Festival, Tenshiron
ASEAN Orchestra support, "Dispatch of specialists to Bangkok Symphony Orchestra" (Managed by Arts and Culture Dept.)


Joint Football Exchange Program with JFA and J.League

  1. Invitation of U-20 Brunei National Team
  2. Invitation of U-22 Philippines National Team
  3. Invitation of U-14 Cambodia National Team
  4. Held JFA C License Coaching Course in Thailand
  5. Invitation of staff from football associations/leagues & media
  6. Held soccer clinic for children in Thailand
  7. Invitation of youth teams to U-16 Challenge League
(Intellectual Exchange)

Cooperation with Kyoto University: Southeast Asia Seminar
Arts Council Tokyo Open Forum
Innovative City Forum

Grants: 21

(Preparation of projects to be implemented from fiscal 2015)

Time of Others exhibition
Media Forum
SCOT Summer Season
Southeast Asian Modern Art Exhibition
Cooperation with Fukuoka city