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Getting to know more about the Japan Foundation

Chapter 2 The Asia Center
"NIHONGO Partners" to accelerate Japanese-language Learning

From Japan to ASEAN countries, "NIHONGO Partners" are sent to schools to provide assistance inside and outside classrooms and introduce them to Japanese culture. A total of 170 partners were sent to 231 junior and senior high schools in 8 countries in fiscal 2015. "NIHONGO Partners" who returned in the same fiscal assisted in the Japanese-language education of 75,263 students.

The 3 roles of "NIHONGO Partners"

In-class Support

Image picture of [In-class Support]
Assisting local Japanese-language teachers.

Cultural Exchange with the Local People

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Engaging with students and local people through introducing Japanese culture.

Study Local Languages and Cultures

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Acquiring the local languages and culture through their lifestyles.

From the "NIHONGO Partners"

The Joy of Creating Fans of Japan

I was motivated by the changes in the students while serving as one of the "NIHONGO Partners" in Indonesia. Students who at first weren’t very excited in studying Japanese gradually began to raise their hands enthusiastically in class, so I was really pleased to see them become more interested in Japanese language and culture. I also worked with two local Japanese-language teachers in creating curricular activities and classes that would help maintain the students’ interests after I left. In addition to my activities in the classrooms, I shared Japanese cultures with everyone I met. I feel like I was able to create new fans of Japan and that was very rewarding for me. I hope their interests will continue to facilitate further cultural exchange between Japan and Indonesia.

Group photo taken at [Yumi Nemoto Fourth group of NIHONGO Partners to Indonesia]
Yumi Nemoto
Fourth group of "NIHONGO Partners" to Indonesia
(October 2015 - March 2016)

"NIHONGO Partners" Bridging Southeast Asia and Japan

What pleased me the most during my 10 months in Thailand was that some of the students passed the university entrance exams for Japanese-language education courses and faculties of Japanese. By introducing Japanese language and culture in areas where there are no Japanese people, "NNIHONGO Partners" can connect people in Southeast Asia and Japan. Local Japanese-language teachers also seemed to be stimulated by native Japanese. Having sown the seeds of cultural exchange and seeing them develop, I believe that our work with the local youths will lead to truly close relationships between the people in Asia.

Group photo taken at [Tetsuro Sakai Second group of NIHONGO Partners to Thailand]
Tetsuro Sakai
Second group of “NIHONGO Partners” to Thailand
(May 2015 - March 2016)