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Getting to know more about the Japan Foundation

Chapter 1
Planning and Coordinating Programs by Regions and Countries

The Japan Foundation plans and coordinates its programs after careful consideration of the needs and conditions in each country and region it serves. We also pay special attention to the key factors in diplomatic relations between Japan and the respective countries and regions when implementing our projects.

Regional highlights from FY2016

  • Southeast Asia

    Under the government initiative "WA Project: Toward Interactive Asia through Fusion and Harmony," the Japan Foundation Asia Center organizes and supports bilateral exchange programs between Japan and other Asian communities in and around the ASEAN region. In FY2016, 364 individuals were sent as "NIHONGO Partners" to support Japanese-language studies in 12 countries and regions. Furthermore, 516 arts and culture exchange programs were carried out or supported by the Asia Center, creating opportunities for exchange and cooperation for 1.16 million participants.

  • Central Asia

    Following Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Central Asia in 2015, the Japan Foundation has been proactively promoting projects to deepen exchange with that region. In FY2016, a cultural exchange delegation and a Japanese taiko drum group were dispatched to Uzbekistan, and martial arts demonstrations were held in the five Central Asian countries. Furthermore, cultural experts from each of the five countries were invited to give presentations on their cultures at a symposium in Tokyo, and 102 Japanese-language students were invited from the five countries to participate in a language training program at the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Kansai.

Programs contributing to Japan's diplomacy

  • China

    While paying close attention to the changes in the diplomatic environment, our programs in China focused on training young specialists, engaging younger generations, and reaching out to areas outside major cities. In FY2016, we expanded the network of specialists between Japan and China through an exchange program for art curators and an invitation program for Chinese experts. The Japan Foundation China Center, in its tenth year after its founding in 2007, continuously supported a wide variety of exchange activities for Japanese and Chinese youths, mainly at its Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in regional cities in China. Additionally, in 2017, a kabuki performance was held in Beijing in commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China, with over 4,200 attendees, primarily younger people.

  • Special program for the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

    In FY2016, the Japan Foundation organized a special cultural program for the Rio Olympics, aiming to introduce Japanese culture to a wide range of audiences while building the momentum "from Rio to Tokyo 2020." In the Japan-Brazil pop music concert, Japanese and Brazilian musicians joined together in the finale to sing "Ue wo muite arukou (Sukiyaki)" in Portuguese, delivering an uplifting message for the future. The program also included an exhibition of Japanese avant-garde art from 1950-1970 and a retrospective film screening of director Ko Nakahira's works; both events were the first of their kind to be held in Brazil, and both featured artists active around the time of Tokyo 1964 Olympics.