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3 Fields of Cultural Exchange


Arts and Cultural Exchange

We introduce diverse facets of Japanese culture to the world, from art, music, drama, and film to fashion and design. By creating opportunities for people to share the joy of collaboration and better understand each other in ways that transcend language, we facilitate deeper cultural exchange between people.

  • Arts and Cultural Exchange Projects
    754 projects with
    1,164,316 attendees

    91% said the projects increased their understanding of Japan
  • Program for Japanese Broadcasting Abroad
    309 television programs broadcast
    in 62 countries/regions
    with 160 million viewers
  • The Japan Foundation China Center Projects
    164 people dispatched/invited

    61,486 visitors to
    Centers for
    "Face-to-Face Exchanges"

    89% said their visit increased their understanding of Japan
Looking back on FY2016

Introducing culture, providing films,
and creating opportunities for interaction,
all tailored to local needs

Arts and Culture Department

Cross-genre, high-quality, concentrated and continuous cultural exchange showcasing a broad range of Japanese art and culture

Coinciding with the Rio Olympics, the largest global event of 2016, a program introducing Japanese culture was implemented in Rio de Janeiro under the theme of "From Rio to Tokyo." Combining an art exhibition, a Japan-Brazil joint concert, and film screening, this program shared a message to build momentum towards the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games. In addition to implementing large-scale projects in Central Asia and Africa, where Japanese culture has not always been sufficiently introduced until now, we also undertook a new endeavor in Singapore, holding a performance that combined the traditional Japanese performing art of Noh with state-of-the-art 3D imagery. In Beijing, we organized a Shochiku Grand Kabuki performance as the opening event for commemoration of the 45th anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China.

Masanobu Ito, Managing Director, Arts and Culture Department

Film and Broadcast Media Department

Introducing Japanese television programs and providing films to other countries to create opportunities for deepening understanding of Japanese culture

We are implementing a project to introduce Japanese television programs, primarily in developing countries, as a method of enhancing understanding of Japanese culture. In FY2016, 309 television programs were broadcast in 62 countries and regions.

The reach of this project is being steadily expanded-in FY2015 and 2016, we concluded contracts for 1,734 television programs with television stations in 120 countries and regions.

We are also focusing on supporting Japanese film screenings and Japanese film festivals. In FY2016, we organized 114 Japanese film screenings in 75 countries/regions.

In particular, as Japan was the guest country of honor at the Guanajuato International Film Festival in Mexico, extensive screenings of Japanese films were held there to wide acclaim.

Atsushi Kanai, Managing Director, Film and Broadcast Media Department

The China Center

Invigorating cultural exchange activities in China while continuing to invite students to Japan

In 2016, the 31 Chinese high school students of the 10th group of our inbound study program returned to China and another 31 arrived as the 11th group. Inviting high school students to Japan is a highly meaningful activity with regard to advancing mutual understanding between Japan and China.

In addition, the 14th Center for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in China was opened in Changsha City in Hunan Province. These Centers act as forums for cultural exchange between Japan and China.

In FY2017, while ensuring the safety of inbound Chinese students, we will continue working to set up new Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" and to fully utilize the existing ones. We will also collaborate with the Film and Broadcast Media Department and the Asia Center to organize more Japanese film screenings.

Toshio Hori, Managing Director, The China Center

Arts and Cultural Exchange
QR Arts and Cultural Exchange