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3 Fields of Cultural Exchange

Culture [Arts and Cultural Exchange]
The China Center

The China Center works to enhance mutual understanding between Japan and China by deepening cultural exchange primarily between youths, who play a key role in the future of the two countries, and by providing them with opportunities to experience each other's cultures and experience life in each other's countries. 心連心 ("Heart to Heart" in Chinese)-this is our slogan. The China Center marked its 10th anniversary in 2016, and over the next 10 years, it will continue to implement projects that emphasize interactivity and collaboration, and seek to build deeper, longer-term emotional ties.

Long-Term Exchange Program for Chinese High School Students

Chinese high school students are given the opportunity to experience the lifestyles of typical Japanese high school students for 11 months. In FY2015, two groups of 31 students were invited to Japan. Of the 329 students that have participated in the program so far, 103 have returned to Japan to study and 83 of them have entered Japanese universities or postgraduate schools. Also, 27 of the program's past participants are now working for Japanese companies. The program is steadily fostering personnel capable of bringing Japan and China closer together.

Photo of the 31 students of the 11th session
The 31 students of the 11th session arrived in Japan in September 2016 and experienced life as exchange students in 23 municipalities.

University student cultural exchange project

The China Center implements a cultural exchange project in which Chinese and Japanese university students collaborate in planning, organizing, and holding events. Japanese university students are recruited twice a year, and selected teams are dispatched to Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" throughout China to organize participatory cultural exchange events created by their own imagination, based on the themes of traditional, modern and regional Japanese culture. Seven such events were held in 2016.

Photo of students from Fukuoka wearing Yukatas to introduce Japanese tea ceremony
Students from Fukuoka dispatched to the Center for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in Guangzhou (Sun Yat-sen University) in September 2016 carry out activities such as introductions to Kyushu culture, instruction on wearing yukatas and tea ceremonies.

Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in China

Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" have been established in university of regional cities in China where opportunities to gain information about Japan and Japanese are relatively limited. The centers provide venues where visitors can experience contemporary Japanese culture by browsing, viewing, and listening to the latest music, anime, fashion, and other content from Japan. Furthermore, a wide variety of Japan-China exchange events are held through the cooperation of Japanese nationals and local Chinese citizens.

Photo of the opening ceremony of the Center for 'Face-to-Face Exchanges' in Nanchang
Opening ceremony of the Center for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in Nanchang (Jiangxi Normal University) opened in May 2016
The "Linked Hearts, Full Hearts Jiangxi Normal University Student Japanese Language Speech Contest" was held in copnjunction with the opening

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