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3 Fields of Cultural Exchange

Dialogue[Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange]
Center for Global Partnership Programs (CGP)

The Center for Global Partnerships (CGP) was established in 1991 with the goal of fostering Japan-US cooperation in tackling global issues. The center promotes dialogue and exchange between all facets of Japanese and US society in order to create an unshakeable partnership based on mutual understanding and joint Japan-US contribution to the global community.

Center for Global Partnership/Abe Fellowship 25th Anniversary Program

The Abe Fellowship is a research fellowship program jointly operated by CGP and the Social Science Research Council (SSRC) of the US with the goal of promoting investigative research on policy issues requiring close Japan-US cooperation. Founded in 1991, it has supported 405 researchers and journalists over the ensuing 25 years. In November 2016, CGP held the 25th Anniversary Symposium, "Emerging Futures in a Changing World," where 15 representative researchers of Japan and the US, mainly Abe Fellows, made presentations to around 350 participants. The reception that followed was attended by some 200 guests related to Japan and the US, including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and The Honorable Caroline Kennedy, Ambassador of the United States.

Photo of symposium presenters and related individuals, copyright Atsuko Takagi
Symposium presenters and related individuals of CGP/Abe Fellowship 25th Anniversary Symposium

Photo of Dr. Gerald Curtis, copyright Atsuko Takagi
Keynote Presenter Dr. Gerald Curtis
(Burgess Professor Emeritus, Columbia University)
"Preparing for an Uncertain Future"

Photo of Mr. Yukio Okamoto, copyright Atsuko Takagi
Keynote Presenter Mr. Yukio Okamoto
(President, Okamoto Associates)
"Searching for a New Equilibrium of East Asia"

Active Abe Fellows

● FY2004 Abe Fellow Dr. Mireya Solis

Dr. Solis, who serves as a senior fellow and Philip Knight Chair in Japan Studies at the Brookings Institute, actively contributes her insights through articles and interviews in the Japanese and US media.

Photo of Dr. Mireya Solis

● FY2009 Abe Fellow Dr. Andrew Oros

Dr. Oros, who serves as a professor of political science at Washington College and is an expert on international comparative politics of East Asia and advanced democratic countries, published Japan's Security Renaissance (Columbia University Press) in March 2017.

Photo of Dr. Andrew Oros

● FY2002 Abe Fellow Dr. Saadia Pekkanen

Dr. Pekkanen, a professor at the Henry M. Jackson School of International Studies at the University of Washington, gave a presentation as a panelist at the 25th Anniversary Symposium, and published Asian Designs (Cornell University Press) in November 2016 with the support of CGP.

Photo of Dr. Saadia Pekkanen, copyright Atsuko Takagi

U.S.-Japan Public Intellectuals Network Program

In this exchange program, CGP invites leaders of diverse ethnic communities in the US to promote networking of Japanese and US intellectuals by holding public lectures and arranging dialogues with Japanese experts such as researchers, policy makers, and private sector leaders. In FY2016, CGP invited Mr. Elliott Abrams, Senior Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Dr. Juliet García, Senior Advisor to the Chancellor for Community, National and Global Engagement, The University of Texas System, in October.

Photo of Mr. Elliott Abrams, copyright Atsuko Takagi
Lecture by Mr. Elliott Abrams

Photo of Dr. Juliet Garcia, copyright Atsuko Takagi
Lecture by Dr. Juliet García

Japan Outreach Initiative (JOI) Program

In collaboration with Laurasian Institution, a US non-profit organization, CGP dispatches Japanese culture coordinators to the Southern and Midwest regions of the US to promote grassroots exchange for two years. In 2016, the program celebrated its 15th anniversary, and a commemorative event was held on October 1. On that day, former JOI coordinators gathered from all over Japan for reunion and networking while Ms. Sarah Cummings, who became a leading figure of Obuse in the Kamitakai district of Nagano Prefecture, was invited to share her experiences of revitalizing that town. At the following roundtable discussion, panelists who engaged in international cultural exchange discussed their activities and experiences with questions taken from the audience. The event gave all participants an opportunity to think about the value of international cultural exchange in the communities where they live.

● 15th Anniversary Commemorative Event

Photo of participants at JOI Program 15th Anniversary Commemorative Event
JOI Program 15th Anniversary Commemorative Event

Photo of Ms. Sarah Cummings
Ms. Sarah Cummings, holding a lecture at the 15th anniversary commemorative event about her activities of revitalizing the town of Obuse

● JOI Activities

Photo of Ms. Chiaki Tokiwa, a 13th session JOI coordinator
Ms. Chiaki Tokiwa, a 13th session JOI coordinator dispatched to Indianapolis, Indiana, at a cherry tree planting festival

Photo of Mr. Tadashi Nomura, a 13th session JOI coordinator
Mr. Tadashi Nomura, a 13th session JOI coordinator dispatched to Clayton State University in Omaha, Nebraska, receiving a Distinguished Recognition Award in honor of his activities