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Summary of Arts and Cultural Exchange Programs (see)


Joint Japan-Brazil Pop Concert "Olha pro céu-Look at the Sky-" (Brazil)
World Forum on Sport and Culture Official Program: Divine Dance SAMBASO: Kami Hisomi Iki (Japan)
Shochiku Grand Kabuki Beijing Performance (China)
"From Rio to Tokyo: Olha pro céu-Look at the Sky-" Tokyo Performance (Japan)
Noism "La Bayadere-Nation of Illusion", "Match-seller's Story" + "passacaglia" (Romania)
DRUM TAO "Ethereal Beats / DRUM HEART" (Uzbekistan)
Dispatch of Japanese Martial Arts group to Central Asia (Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan)
TICAD VI Traditional Japanese Music "Shuichi Hidano Super Taiko Concert" (Kenya)

2.Japan Festival Support Program

Participation in the "National Cherry Blossom Festival 2016" (US)
Participation in the "National Cherry Blossom Festival 2017" (US)
Tokyo Brass Style Performance (Mexico)
Participation in the Guanajuato International Film Festival (Mexico)
Art Mix Japan in Mexico (Mexico)
YUGEN -THE HIDDEN BEAUTY OF JAPAN-World Premiere Noh in 3D Live at the River Nights Festival 2016 (Singapore)
South Africa Japan Festival "Hino Terumasa Quintet (Jazz)" and "Taiko Drumming Group HIMIKO (Japanese drumming)" Performances (South Africa, Namibia)
London Japan Matsuri "Aozasa Shishi Odori" and "Tezuma (Japanese traditional magic)" Performances (UK)

3.Lectures and Demonstrations

Traveling Exhibition "The Dolls of Japan" with Iwatsuki Doll Making Workshop (South Korea)
Traveling Exhibition "Japanese Design Today 100" with Lectures by Noriko Kawakami (design journalist) and Shu Hagiwara (design director) (China)
Traveling Exhibition "Beautiful Handicrafts of Tohoku" with a Tsugaru Kite-making Demonstration (Sri Lanka)
Traveling Exhibition "The Spirit of Budô" with Karate Lecture and Demonstration (Brazil, Paraguay)
Screening of the Film "Tsukiji Wonderland" with Lecture by the Director Naotaro Endo and Professor Maria Roberta Novielli (Ca' Foscari University of Venice) (Italy)
Traveling Exhibition "Parallel Nippon" with Lecture and Workshop by Yusuke Obuchi (architect) (Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia)
Traveling Exhibition "Handcrafted Form" with Lecture and Workshop by Kiyotaka Tsuyuki (Hakone parquet craftsman) (Egypt, Morocco)
Traveling Exhibition "Tohoku - Through the Eyes of Japanese Photographers" with Lecture by Kotaro Iizawa (photography critic) (Russia, Germany)
Traveling Exhibition "Manga Hokusai Manga" with Lecture by Keiichi Hara (film director) (Belgium)
Traveling Exhibition "Handcrafted Form" with Lecture and Workshop by Eiji Shinoda (Hakone parquet craftsman) (Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan)

4.Grant Program For Dispatching Artists and Cultural Specialists

112 grants provided for the dispatch of personnel to 266 cities in 58 countries

5.Performing Arts Japan (PAJ)

22 grants provided for performances held in 49 cities in 13 countries
North America: 11 grants for performances held in 27 cities in 2 countries
Europe: 11 grants for performances held in 22 cities in 11 countries


The 1st London Design Biennale
The 15th International Architecture Exhibition, La Biennale di Venezia

7.Art Exhibitions

Art exhibition "The Emergence of the Contemporary: Avant-Garde Art in Japan, 1950-1970" (Brazil)
Photo exhibition "Japan's Coastline and its people" (Tonga)
Art exhibition "A Feverish Era in Japanese Art: Expressionism in the 1950's and 1960's" (Belgium)
Kimono, au bonheur des dames (France)
Architecture exhibition "The Japanese House: Architecture and Life after 1945" (Italy, UK)
Maison de la Culture du Japon à Paris - "Transphére" Series (France)
#2 "Didier Fiuza Faustino + Atelier Bow-Wow - The Magical House"
#3 "Rei Naito - the emotion of belief"

8.Japan Foundation Traveling Exhibitions

A wide range of traveling exhibitions based on themes such as design, architecture, photography, handcrafts, martial arts and pop culture were held in 83 cities in 53 countries/regions.

9.Exhibition Abroad Support Program

44 grants for exhibitions in 44 cities in 27 countries

10.Participation in International Book Fairs

Participation in 17 book fairs in 17 cities in 17 countries

11.Support Program for Translation and Publication on Japan

35 grants provided for translations in 23 countries/regions

12.Networking of Cultural Specialists

Curator Meeting (Co-organized by CCA Kitakyusyu and The National Museum of Art, Osaka)
Japan-Korea Performing Arts Exchange (Japan Directors Association)
Japan-Korea Performing Arts Exchange (New National Theatre Drama Studio)
Japan-China Curator Exchange Program
Asia Producers Platform Camp (Australia)
Asia Producers Platform Camp (Japan)
Japan-Americas Art Curator Exchange Program
Curatorial Workshop (Survey of Japanese Modern Art in the US.)
Disabilities x Performing Arts 2017 - With Claire Cunningham

13.Transmission of Information

Invitation of people related to the 10th Japan International Manga Award to Japan
Japanese Book News
Performing Arts Network Japan (PANJ) website
Invitation Program for Cultural Leaders in China
Invitation of foreign art journalists
Japan Film Database (JFDB)

14.Cultural Cooperation

Painting Conservation and Restoration Program (Uruguay)
Survey of the damage to cultural heritage from the 2016 Ecuador Earthquake in Cooperation with the Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage
Kaman Kalehöyük Archaeology Museum Restoration & Preservation Field Course (Turkey)
Technical Lecture on the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Assets (Uzbekistan)
Workshop on disseminating sports for the disabled (Zimbabwe)
1 grant provided in 2 cities in 1 country

15.U.S. and European Museum Infrastructure Support Program

4 grants provided in 4 cities in 3 countries

16.Japanese film screenings

114 Japanese film festivals held in 75 countries/regions
Grants for 15 screenings held in 23 cities in 15 countries

17.Japanese TV Broadcasting Abroad

309 television programs broadcast to 62 countries/regions

18.Long-term visits to Japan by Chinese high school students

31 students from the 10th session returned to China
31 students from the 11th session arrived in Japan

19.Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in China

Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" organized and held events in 13 cities in China. The events were attended by 61,486 people.
Seminars introducing Japanese business culture
Shodo Calligraphy Workshop
Training for staff of Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges"
Inviting leaders of the Center for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in Xining


University Student Exchange Program
A university student cultural exchange project
9 dispatch programs and 1 invitational program were implemented, such as the Lead Asia - Training in Japan for representative students at Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges"