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Summary of the Asia Center Programs (see)

1."NIHONGO Partners" Programs

Indonesia: 156
Thailand: 99
Vietnam: 41
Malaysia: 38
The Philippines: 10
Myanmar: 5
Cambodia: 2
Singapore: 1
Brunei: 1
Laos: 1
China: 5
Taiwan: 5
Total of 364 "NIHONGO Partners" sent to 415 schools

2.Grassroots Exchange Programs

Cine Adobo Project
Modern Chinese Film Screening 2016
Match Flag Project
HANDs! -Hope and Dreams- Project
Centers for Open Interaction (Chiang Mai, Ho Chi Minh, Yangon)
Grant Program for People-to-People Exchange: 44 grantees

3.The Asia Center Fellowship Program

31 fellows

4.Network-building Programs

Asia Leadership Fellow Program
Japan-ASEAN Media Forum
...and Action! Asia #3: Exchange Program for Students in Film Studies
Performing Arts Presenters Invitation Program
Short Term Invitation Program for Cultural Leaders
 (1) Ahmad Fuadi (Indonesia)
 (2) Ramona Mohd Tahir (Malaysia)
 (3) H.R.H Buppha Devi Norodom (Cambodia)
 (4) Farish Ahmad Noor (Singapore)
 (5) Kyi Phyu Shin (Myanmar)
 (6) Siti Kamaluddin (Brunei)
The Japan Foundation Summer Institute 2016*
AAS-in-ASIA (Association for Asian Studies in Asia) conference 2016 (Kyoto)*
AAS (Association for Asian Studies) 2017 Travel Grant*
JSA-ASEAN (Japanese Studies Association in Southeast Asia) 5th General Meeting (the Philippines)*
Salzburg Global Seminar*
Grant Program "U.S.-Southeast Asia-Japan Collaboration and Exchange Initiative": 3 grants*

5.Cultural Collaboration Programs

Dialogue with Southeast Asian Youths (TAMU/Talk with Muslims series)
Innovative City Forum 2016
10th Anniversary Symposium of the Japan Consortium for International Cooperation in Cultural Heritage
Special projects relating to the Fukuoka Prize
Singapore Writers Festival
JFA x J.League x Asia Center Football Exchange
Saitama International Football Festival
Invitation Program for Presidents of the Judo Federations in ASEAN
Visual Documentary Project 2016
Talents Tokyo 2016
Focus on Asia Fukuoka International Film Festival 2016
Film Exchange Programs based on the Tokyo International Film Festival Platform
 (1) CROSSCUT ASIA #03: Colorful Indonesia
 (2) Screenings of Asian films
 (3) The Spirit of Asia Award by the Japan Foundation Asia Center
 (4) Invitation of the winner of the Spirit of Asia Award (Sotho Kulikar, director)
 (5) Invitation of the winner of the Spirit of Asia Award (Degena Yun, director)
 (6) Asian Omnibus Film Co-Production Series: Asian Three-Fold Mirror
 (8) Invitation of film professionals from Asian countries
 (9) Tokyo International Film Festival CROSSCUT ASIA tie-up event Colorful Indonesia 2
JFF (Japanese Film Festival) Asia-Pacific Gateway Initiative
 (1) The Philippines
 (2) Singapore
 (3) Malaysia
 (4) Australia
 (5) Vietnam
 (6) Cambodia
 (7) Indonesia
 (8) Laos
 (9) Thai
Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia - Southeast Asia Program & Symposium
Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival, Film Criticism Collective (symposium and workshop)
Media Art Exchange Program
Time of others exhibition
The Japan Foundation Asia Center Art Studies
SEA Project
Cultural Rebellion* exhibition (survey) *tentative title
Condition Report project
Asian Performing Arts Forum 2016
Sanriku International Arts Festival "Sanriku-Asian Network Project"
SCOT Summer Season 2016
 (1) Asian Music Network
 (2) Asian Sounds Research
 (3) Ensembles Asia Orchestra
 (4) Asian Meeting Festival
DANCE DANCE ASIA-Crossing the Movements
 (1) Collaborative creation in Manila and Hanoi
 (2) Performance in Tokyo
 (3) Performance in Japan Myanmar Pwe Taw 2017
Shibuya StreetDance Week 2016
Next Generation: Producing Performing Arts
The Power of Tradition, the Form of Artistry
Asian TYA Network Program
TPAM-Performing Arts Meeting in Yokohama 2017 (TPAM 2017)
Festival/Tokyo Asia Series Vol.3: Malaysia
Tomomi Nishimoto Concert (Research)
International Collaboration with Toshiki Okada in Thailand
ASEAN Orchestra support program**
Myanmar National Symphony Orchestra support**
Japan-Vietnam Joint Production (KAAT)**
Modern Southeast Asian architectural heritage preservation project**
Asia Student Package Design Competition project (ASPaC)**
The "DOOR to ASIA" project involving cultural exchange between young Asian designers and people in disaster-affected areas of the Tohoku region**
Japanese film screenings at Centers for "Face-to-Face Exchanges" in China***
62 grants provided

* Administered by the Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Program
** Administered by the Arts and Culture Department
*** Administered by the China Center