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Audio-Visual and Publication Exchange

Translation and Publishing Support Program
The Japan Foundation provides support to projects relating to translating and/or publishing Japanese works on Humanities, Social Sciences and the Arts and publishing books introducing Japanese culture written in foreign languages.


Book Fair Support Program
The Japan Foundation participates at international book fairs held overseas together with the Publishers Association for Cultural Exchange.

Program for Promotion of TV Broadcasting Abroad
The Japan Foundation offers international versions of Japanese television programs (including dramas, documentaries, and both cultural and feature films) to overseas television stations as part of its activities toward the introduction of Japanese culture overseas.

Film Production Support Program
The Japan Foundation covers part of the production cost for audio-visual materials about Japan such as films and television programs produced by overseas groups.

Distribution of Audio-Visual Materials Program
The Japan Foundation provides and distributes Japanese feature films (foreign-language versions) and cultural films (dubbed into foreign languages) in order to provide assistance to the cultural activities of its overseas offices and Japanese embassies.

Overseas Screenings of Japanese Feature Films
The Japan Foundation cooperates in the submission of films and participation at overseas international film festivals and organizes screenings of Japanese film retrospectives under joint sponsorship with film specialist organizations in various countries. Depending upon the project, lectures by film directors or film critics are also held.

The Japan Foundation plans film festivals including films from overseas countries that are unlikely to be introduced in Japan and provides aid for the holding of international film festivals in Japan.

Japanese Book News
This newsletter provides overseas publishing companies, editors, and translators regular access to the latest information on publishing trends and new publications in Japan.


New Cinema from Japan
This catalogue provides the latest information on Japanese films published twice a year with UNI JAPAN.


Japanese Literature in Translation Search
This is a database of Japanese literature translated into foreign languages.
Cooperation: Japan P.E.N., UNESCO

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