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Performing Arts

Japanese culture has given birth to many different arts. They constitute a rich heritage that ranges broadly from traditional to contemporary forms, including such stage and performing arts as dance, music, and drama. The performing arts exchange programs of the Japan Foundation respond to the interest of various overseas countries in Japan's arts and culture by introducing them in a variety of ways in those countries. They also introduce overseas stage arts that are comparatively unknown in Japan. Aid is provided in the form of sponsorship and assistance extended to the private sector for carrying out such projects.

The Japan Foundation dispatches or provides aid for sending out performance groups in cooperation with local related organizations for the introduction of Japanese stage and performing arts overseas.

The Japan Foundation sponsors or provides aid for introducing to Japan the comparatively unknown stage and performing arts of developing countries.

Joint productions between artists and groups from all the countries of the world are carried out for the purpose of creating new works of art through international exchange.
Exchange of information and the building of networks are encouraged through the operation of a website (Performing Arts Network Japan) concerning the performing arts of Japan and extending support to international performing arts festivals and fairs.

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