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This journal provides Japanese-language teachers, in particular those overseas, with information on teaching materials, teaching ideas for the classroom, current topics in Japan, the situation of Japanese-language education both in Japan and abroad, and so on.
This academic journal presents the achievements of Japanese-language education and studies. This site provides the contents (in English) of all issues of Japanese-language Education around the Globe up to the present can be seen on line. There are also instructions for those who wish to obtain copies of the journal.
This bulletin presents the achievements of the Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institutes in Urawa and Kansai, and the Japan Foundation's overseas language centers. In this section, the contents of all issues and the summaries in English as well as the full texts in Japanese can be seen on the screen.

In fiscal 2005-2006 the Japan Foundation organized three international roundtables in different forms with the aim of establishing a set of standards for Japanese-language education: The first session was held with limited admission, the second was a closed session, and the third was an open symposium.



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