Support Program for Organizations in Japanese-Language Education (Special Program in response to COVID-19)

This program is intended to urgently support various kinds of new activities in response to COVID-19, such as preparation and training for online lessons/events/teaching materials, implemented by overseas organizations involved in Japanese-language education.

Last updated January 8, 2021

Eligibility Area (1)Cambodia, Laos, Russia, and countries that DO NOT have the Japan Foundation overseas offices.
(2)Countries which have the Japan Foundation overseas offices, with the exception of Cambodia, Laos and Russia. (All support will be given via the overseas offices. Please contact the nearest office.)
Applicant Organization
Application Deadline January 22, 2021, at 5p.m. JST
One month before the start of projects (projects should be carried out and completed before the end of March, 2021.)
Application Form JN-FK2
Application Instruction / Application Form
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