India-Japan: Passage to the Next Generation

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India-Japan: Passage to the Next GenerationJapan and India maintain the longstanding history of exchange originating from the introduction of Buddhism from India to Japan, which functions as the basis for friendly partnership between Japan and India since 1952 when diplomatic ties were established. The Japan Foundation conducted more than 20 events of cultural exchange programs throughout India spanning from January to March 2012, which marked the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Japan and India with the aim to enhance trustful Japan-India relations toward a new era through cultural exchange. The cultural exchange festival included traditional cultures, Japanese film screenings, animation workshop, contemporary art exhibitions by young leading artists, and performing arts produced by Japan and India in collaboration.

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  • KENTARO!! -Contemporary Dance Performance
    Photo of KENTARO!!
    The first performance in India by a contemporary dance performer KENTARO!! was held in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore, India. In addition to the performances, workshops were also conducted in Delhi and Bangalore.


  • Theater "Looking IN and OUT"
    Image picture of Theater: Looking IN and OUT
    Theatrical performance jointly produced by leading figures in Japan and India with being inspired by Yabu no naka (In the Bush) written by Ryunosuke Akutagawa was held at the international theatrical art festival in Delhi.


  • Performing Arts "The Water Station"
    Image picture of The Water Station
    A silent drama written by Shogo Ota was reproduced by young Indian producers and performed by Indian actors.


  • Animation Workshop
    Image picture of Animation Workshop
    Lecture workshop by Japan's leading animation artist Maya Yonesho was held to produce an animation by combining hand-drawn sketches of workshop participants.


  • Japanese Film Screenings (New Delhi and Other Cities, January to March 2012)
    New works featuring Tohoku and recovery from disasters such as "WANKO " The Story of Me, My Family and My Dog" and "Éclair", and Yasuzo Masumura's films were screened.


  • Exhibition "Omnilogue: Journey to the West"
    Installation image of Exhibition: Omnilogue: Journey to the West
    A contemporary art exhibition of six renowned artists co-curated by young Indian, Thai and Japanese curators was held.


  • Exhibition "Omnilogue: Journey to the West"
    Image picture of Exhibition: Omnilogue: Journey to the West
    A documentary film which depicted young volunteers supporting Tohoku's recovery from the earthquake and Tsunami by conducting a project to launch thousands of fireworks simultaneously at 10 sites in the devastated areas was screened in Delhi. Talk event was also held by inviting the project representative on March 11, a year from the Great East Japan Earthquake.

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