Arab Film Festival in Tokyo 2007

Arab Film Festival in Tokyo 2005

The Japan Foundation's annual Arab Film Festival enters the third year. The 2007 Arab Festival in Tokyo features cinemas from Egypt, a film town often dubbed as "Arabian Hollywood." Visitors will enjoy a young Omar Sharif before Lawrence of Arabia, the Diva of Arabic song Umm Kulthoum in Fatma, a leading Egyptian character actor Adel Imam in Terrorism & Kebab, as well as many new titles from other Arabian countries.

Dates March 9 –18, 2007
Venue OAG Hall, OAG Haus, 1st Floor Access
7-5-56 Akasaka Minato-ku Tokyo
Nearest station: Aoyama-itchome (Ginza, Hanzomon and Oedo subway lines), Exit 4

Presented by: The Japan Foundation
Supported by: Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt in Japan
With the cooperation of:
The Ministry of Culture of Egypt
The National Film Center of Egypt
Association for the Development of Arab-Asian Dialogue (ADAD)
With the special cooperation of: PIA CORPORATION
Tickets 800yen (1,000 yen at the door)
Tickets are available through Ticket Pia: 0570-02-9999
Tel: 03-3265-1040 (Mon. to Fri.,10:00-18:00)
March 9 –18 only :
Tel: 090-9136- 6874

New Arab Cinema

  • still photograph from Bab El Web Bab El Web
    (2004 / dir. Merzak Allouache / Algeria)
  • still photograph from Bab' Aziz Bab' Aziz (2004 / dir. Nacer Khemir / Tunisia)
  • still photograph from Shadow Of SilenceShadow Of Silence (2005 / dir. Abdullah Al-Muheisen / Saudi Arabia)
  • still photograph from New Day In Old Sana'a New Day In Old Sana'a (2005 / dir. Bader Ben Hirsi / Yemen)star2
  • still photograph from Le Grand Voyage Le Grand Voyage (2004 / dir. Ismael Ferroukhi / Morocco –France)
  • star2with Japanese & English subtitles
    star1with Japanese & French subtitles
    others: with Japanese subtitles only

Egyptian Film Retrospective

  • still photograph from Everything is Fine Everything is Fine / Salama Fi Khayr (1937 / dir. Niyazi Mustafa)star1
  • still photograph from Fatma Fatma (1947 / dir. Ahmad Badrakhan)star2
  • still photograph from Feud in the Valley Feud in the Valley (1954 / dir. Youssef Chahine)star1
  • still photograph from Cairo Station Cairo Station / Bab al-Hadid (1958 / dir. Youssef Chahine)star2
  • still photograph from The Postmaster The Postmaster / Al Bostagui (1966 / dir. Hussein Kamal)star2
  • still photograph from Adrift on the NileAdrift on the Nile / Tharthara Fawq al-Nil (1971 / dir. Hussein Kamal)star2
  • still photograph from Watch out for Zuzu Watch out for Zuzu / Khali balak min Zuzu (1971/ dir. Hassan al-Imam)star1
  • still photograph from Terrorism & Kebab Terrorism & Kebab / al-Irhab wal Kabab (1992/ dir. Sherif Arafa)
  • still photograph from Dreams of Hind and Kamilia Dreams of Hind and Kamilia (1989 / dir. Mohamed Khan)
  • still photograph from Land of Fear Land of Fear / Ard al-Khof (1999 / dir. Daoud Abdel Sayyid)star1
  • still photograph from The Closed Doors The Closed Doors / Al Awab al Moghlaka (1999 / dir. Atef Hatata)star2
  • still photograph from The Yacoubian Building The Yacoubian Building / Amarat Yacoubian (2006 / dir. Marwan Hamed)

Symposium Guests (tentative list)

10, March, 2007 16:30-

  • Mr. Daoud Abdel Sayyid / Egypt
     director of Land of Fear
  • Mr. Ali Abou Shadi / Egypt
     Egyptian Film Center, Cairo
  • Ms. Magda Wassef / France-Egypt
     Institut du Monde Arab, Paris
  • Mr. Al-moamen Abdalla / Egypt
     Daito Bunka University, Japan
  • Ms. Mitsuko Sano / Japan
     Keio University, Japan

11, March, 2007 16:30-

  • Mr. Nacer Khemir / Tunisia
     director of Bab’Aziz
  • Mr. Abdullah Al-Muheisen / Saudi Arabia
     director of Shadow Of Silence
  • Mr. Ahcene Benzerari / Algeria

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