The Japan Foundation Film Series Part 2

The Japan Foundation Film Series Part 2 / When Masters Were Young - 1960's

Subject of the screenings:

The Japan Foundation has been showing Japanese films with subtitles overseas as part of its efforts to introduce Japanese culture to the world. The Japan Foundation is also offering film screenings in Japan for the viewing of these films with English subtitles to allow foreign residents of Japan the opportunity to experience the richness of Japanese cinema.

The Japan Foundation is now offering the series part 2, “When Masters Were Young –1960’s”, which focuses on great works from the 1960’s. This is the second film festival offered by the Japan Foundation following last June’s “Masters of the Japanese Cinema”.

Japan in the 1960’s was enjoying continued economic growth, the number of salaried employees working in big cities was growing and the lives of ordinary people were improving. The 1960’s was also a period of dramatic changes for Japan. These changes include the liberalization of international travel and the Tokyo Olympics, both of which occurred in 1964. The rise of student movements and other factors brought about tumultuous changes to Japan’s society during this time. The Japanese film industry flourished in the 1950’s, but the popularization of the television in the 1960’s produced a dramatic drop in the number of moviegoers. The “program pictures” flourished, but Japan was still looking for its voice in terms of new films.

These screenings offer the rare chance to see some great works of these masters which show their own unique styles during their younger directing days. These films also offer the chance to reflect on the 1960’s, a period that is seen as a turning point for Japan’s society.

Dates March 25 (Fri.) to March 27 (Sun.), 2005

Presented by: The Japan Foundation
With the special cooperation of: TOKYO FILMeX Organizing Committee
With the cooperation of: Shochiku and Nikkatsu

Venue The Japan Foundation Forum, Akasaka
Tickets A single ticket : ¥600 at the door only.
A single ticket for members of JF Supporter’s Club :¥500 at the door only.
Info Tokyo FILMeX Office
Tel:03-3560-6394 (11:00-17:30, weekdays only)
The Japan Foundation Forum

Time Schedule

March 25 (Fri.) 19:00 Sing a Song of Sex
March 26 (Sat.) 13:00 The Lovable Tramp
15:00 Escape from Japan
16:45 Lecture by YOSHIDA Kiju
19:00 The Dry Lake
March 27 (Sun.) 11:30 Alone Across the Pacific
14:00 The Insect Woman
17:00 The Tokyo Wanderer

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