The Japan Foundation Film Series Part 8

Rediscovery of Japanese Cinema


Door open: 15 min. before

May 25 (Fri.) 19:00
May 26 (Sat.) 13:00
May 27 (Sun.) 13:00
14:45 Lecture by Dr. HIRANO Kyoko

* All Screenings with English Subtitles.

Date Friday, May 25 to Sunday, May 27, 2007
Price A single ticket: 600 yens at the door only.
(A single ticket for members of JF Supporter's Club: 500 yen at the door only.)
*Lecture: Admission Free
Info TOKYO FILMeX Office
Tel: 03-3560-6394 (11:00-17:30 Weekdays only)
Tel: 080-6953-3270 (5/25-27 only)


Since its establishment in 1972, the Japan Foundation has been showing subtitled Japanese films overseas as part of its efforts to introduce Japanese culture to the world. Three years ago, the Japan Foundation resumed offering these English-subtitled prints to foreign residents of Japan so that they would have the opportunity to experience the wealth of Japanese cinema.

We have organized seven successful film events (*1) since 2004, and, as the eighth event, we are presenting “Rediscovery of Japanese Cinema.” The six films presented here are all masterpieces that enjoy critical acclaim overseas.

We have chosen these six films because of their strength as works of art. Both uninitiated audiences and avid cinema lovers will find them immensely attractive. The variety is also part of the appeal; as you will find elements of family drama, romance, and comedy, among others.  You will also witness beautiful performances from actresses who were representative of the golden era of Japanese cinema, such as Hara Setsuko, Takamine Hideko, Tanaka Kinuyo, Kagawa Kyoko, and Wakao Ayako.

In addition to the screenings of stellar films, there will be a lecture by Dr. HIRANO Kyoko, author of Mr. Smith Goes to Tokyo: Japanese Cinema Under the American Occupation, 1945-1952 who recently published Manhattan no Kurosawa (lit. Kurosawa in Manhattan) in Japan. Between 1986 and 2004, Dr. Hirano worked for the Film Center at the Japan Society in New York., introducing numerous Japanese films to North American audiences. She will share with us her experiences in presenting Japanese cinema overseas. The late author and critic, Susan Sontag was very much involved in exploring world cinema, and programmed a series titled “Susan Sontag on Japanese Film” and its sequel. Three of the films shown during this film event, The Ball at the Anjo House, Where Chimneys Are Seen, and Twelve Pairs of Eyes, were highly recommended by Ms. Sontag.

Profile of Dr. HIRANO Kyoko

Born in Tokyo in 1952. Graduated from Waseda University and went on to the University of Tokyo Graduate School. In 1979, she won a Fulbright Scholarship to study in the United States, and received her Ph.D. from New York University in 1988. Dr. Hirano worked for the Japan Society in New York from 1986 to 2004, programming Japanese films there. In addition to her responsibilities at the Japan Society, she taught Japanese film at the New York University, New School University and also presented Japanese cinema at many prominent universities, museums, and cinemathèques.  Now Dr. Hirano is based in New York and Tokyo, she teaches at schools including the University of Tokyo, Temple University (Japan), and the Graduate School of Film Producing. The Japanese translation of her doctoral thesis, Tenno to Seppun (US title—Mr. Smith Goes to Tokyo) won her a Kawakita Award and Japan Film P.E.N. Club Award. Her most recent book, Manhattan no Kurosawa (lit. “Kurosawa in Manhattan”) is widely talked about.

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