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The September 11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center dealt a terrible blow to the delicate global balance, shrouding the dawn of the 21st century in chaos and hatred. The present state of the world is very different from the vision of the new century so many had cherished in the last decade of the 20th century that ended just a couple of years ago. Our disappointed hopes for a global economy, the difficulties of coexisting with different cultures, increasing pollution despite attempts to conserve the environment, the widening gulf between rich and poor, and the looming cloud of war are crushing our sense of ourselves as world citizens capable of transcending country and race and living together in harmony.

In this dangerous world, people are now struggling to find their own identity and stance. This exhibition presents a wide variety of works - videos, sculptures, paintings, installations, and photographs - by 12 artists from Japan and Australia who are all striving to create new forms of expression amid the various problems of contemporary society.

The exhibition is a cooperative cultural exchange project planned by curators from Japan and Australia. Organized under the joint auspices of the Japan Foundation and the Asialink Centre of the University of Melbourne, it will be held first at Contemporary Art Gallery, Art Tower Mito in Japan and later at the National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia.

Durations and Venues: August 26 (Thu.) to November 7 (Sun.), 2004, The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (Australia)
(alphabetical orders)
The Asialink Centre of the University of Melbourne, The Japan Foundation, Mito Arts Foundation, Art Tower Mito, The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Cooperation: Japan Airlines
Curators: Eriko OSAKA, Chief Curator, Contemporary Art Center of Art Tower Mito
Jason Smith, The National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Participating Artists: Japan: Tabaimo, Tetsuya Nakamura, Taro Shinoda, Kaoru Motomiya, Tadasu Takamine, Akira Yamaguchi
Australia: Fiona Hall, Rosemary Laing, Ricky Swallow, David Rosetzky, Susan Norrie, Samuel Nanjdja

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