Chieko Fukuda Ensemble

Chieko Fukuda Ensemble in U.S.A.

The Chieko Fukuda Ensemble is a three-member traditional Japanese musical ensemble. Led by Chieko Fukuda, the third grandmaster of Mitsunonekai, and including Atsuko Oshima and Daisuke "Kizan" Kawamura, the musicians play both solo and ensemble pieces showcasing the regal sounds of the traditional Japanese musical instruments: koto, a six foot-long horizontal thirteen-stringed instrument, shamisen, a three-stringed banjo-like instrument, and shakuhachi, a reedless end-blown bamboo flute.

From 1999 to 2000, the Ensemble was dispatched by the Japan Foundation to five countries including Germany, Nepal and South Korea, and has been received to both national and international acclaim.

Dates: June 9 to 14, 2007
Members: Chieko FUKUDA, Atsuko OSHIMA, Kizan KAWAMURA
Venues: Date: Saturday, June 9  Contemporary Arts Center (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Date: Sunday, June 10  New Orleans Museum of Art (New Orleans, Louisiana)
Date: Tuesday, June 12  Cheekwood Garden (Nashville, Tennessee)
Date: Thursday, June 14  St. Andrew's Episcopal School (Jackson, Mississippi)

Photo of Chieko FUKUDA

Ms. Fukuda studied koto under her musician father from childhood and made her first stage appearance at age three.She won several national prozes at a young age and has earned national acclaim as a leading player of classical styled koto.

Photo of Atsuko OSHIMA

Ms. Oshima plays the koto and shamisen.

Photo of Kizan KAWAMURA

Mr. Kawamura plays the shakuhachi.

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