Concert “Fuku No Ne Ensemble - Japanese Music Tradition and Innovation”

Photo of Fuku No Ne Ensemble

The Japan Foundation sends the Fuku No Ne Ensemble to Singapore to introduce Japanese traditional music. This concert will be held as pre-opening event of the Japan Creative Centre in Singapore. This ensemble is produced by Mr. Koshuzan UENO, who is a Shakuhachi player based in Singapore and Special Advisor for Cultural Exchange appointed by Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan.


Date Sunday, March 29, 2009 Start:19:00
Venue Victoria Concert Hall
(11 Empress Place Victoria Memorial Hall 1st Storey Singaopre 179558)
Admission Free (Registration required) *All seats are already taken
Co-Organiser Embassy of Japan in Singapore

*Beside the concert mentioned above, another concert will be held at Nanyang Technological University (closed event).


Fuku No Ne Ensemble

Music trio “The Fuku No Ne” is core of “Fuku No Ne Ensemble.” The trio was formed by three renowned musicians, namely Mr. Koshuzan UENO (Shakuhachi, based in Singapore), Mr. Junnosuke UEHARA (Shamisen) and Ms. Mako ISOGAWA (Vocal, Shamisen & Koto). They are joined by Mr. Mitsuru SUGIURA (Koto), Mr. Kei MATSUO (Japanese flute), Mr. Shinichiro NAGATA (percussion) and Mr. Shinpei TOMITA (percussion) to form the special ensemble for this concert in Singapore.

Koshuzan UENO / Shakuhachi

Koshuzan UENOHe served his apprenticeship under the late “Living National Treasure for Shakuhachi” Mr. Houzan YAMAMOTO. UENO has performed throughout Southeast Asia, as well as held collaborative concerts with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Singapore Chinese Orchestra. In 2008, he was appointed as “Special Advisor for Cultural Exchanges” by the Agency for Cultural Affairs, Japan for his accomplishments. He is currently on adjunct music professor of two institutions in Singapore, National Institute of Education and Nanyang Technological University.

Junnosuke UEHARA / Shamisen


Junnosuke UEHARA UEHARA started learning shamisen at the age of 6 and graduated from NHK Hogaku (=Japanese traditional music) Music School. Now a rising shamisen star in Japan who frequently appeared on TV. He specialises in traditional, pop and jazz music. He currently lectures at the Senzoku Gakuen College of Music and is part of the Orchestra Asia and Hogaku ensemble Subaru.

Mako ISOGAWA / Koto


Mako ISOGAWA At the tender age of 3, she started playing koto, then shamisen when she was 19years old. ISOGAWA has been singing various songs since she was small until now, besides playing drum in rock band during high school student. A graduate of Tokyo University of the Arts and NHK Hogaku Music School, she is currently part of the Orchestra Asia and Hogaku ensemble Subaru.

Mitsuru SUGIURA / Koto


Mitsuru SUGIURA Started learning koto at the young age of 6, he is an member of Hogaku ensemble Subaru and has been actively participating in many concerts organised in Japan and overseas countries. Received Encouragement Prize at Kenjun Memorial Koto Contest in 1997. He has acquired admirable skills to play 17-strings and 20-strings koto.

Kei MATSUO / Yokobue


Kei MATSU After learning Yokobue (Japanese traditional flute) from several masters, MATUSO took part in many solo and ensemble concerts including Gagaku (Traditional Japanese court music), Japanese folkloric music and contemporary. His passion to create new music form has led him to collaborate with players of different Japanese traditional instruments and western classical musicians.

Shinichiro NAGATA / Percussion

Shinichiro NAGATA His started learning western percussion at the age of 16. When he graduated from Nagoya College of Music in 2004, NAGATA performed in graduation concert by students with outstanding result. Following year, he joined to “Ogun,” all male percussion ensemble, and they won Finalist Award at Osaka international Chamber Music Competition & Festa. After finishing his master's course at Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, he joined Orchestra Asia痴 China and Japan tour in 2006.

Shinpei TOMITA / Percussion

Shinpei TOMITA As a young and talented percussionist, he was awarded outstanding performance award at graduation concert from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music. He is currently a member of percussion quartet yaburekabure and Rhythm Ensemble Unta.

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