5th Asian Museum Curators' Conference 2009 (November 4 - 10, 2009)

The National Art Gallery of Singapore, The National Art Gallery of Malaysia and The Japan Foundation will be co-organising the 5th Asian Museum Curator’s Conference (AMCC) in November. The six-day conference initiated by The Japan Foundation will be held in the two cities of Singapore and Kuala Lumpur from 4 – 10 November 2009. 

This initiative, which began in 2006, was spearheaded by The Japan Foundation. Previous AMCCs have taken place in Japan, Korea and the Philippines, with participants from museums across Asia. The AMCC has been a platform for networking and exchanges amongst participants in discussions on museology, curatorial practice, conservation, collection policies and other issues in Asian art discourses. In recent years, the AMCC has also extended its reach of participants to include arts practitioners and curators outside the institutional framework.

Now in its fifth league, The Japan Foundation has invited The National Art Gallery of Singapore and The National Art Gallery of Malaysia to organize the Conference , with the shared objectives as follows:

  • 1.To recognize the different challenges, approaches and methods of curatorial practices through dialogue and exchange amongst curators.
  • 2.To enhance the understanding of the art practices and developments in the Asian region so as to enhance collaboration and joint programming among art museums in Asia.
  • 3.To identify and develop multi-museum projects of joint research interests that can be carried out regionally, which contributes toward new scholarship in Asian art history. Such collaborations may take the form of exhibitions, conferences, workshops, lecture series, residencies or publications, and to enhance understanding on the discourses related to Asian art.
  • 4.To maintain and expand the Asian network of professionals in the field of curatorship and art management.

If you are interested in this program, please contact The National Art Gallery of Singapore.
Fax Number: (65) 63347919

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