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Photo of artwork by Minami Takao
Image of new work by Minami Takao

In celebrating the Mekong Japan Exchange Year 2009, a number of programs promoting exchange with Japan in various fields including politics, economics and culture, are taking place in the Mekong region. In relation to this commemorative year, the Japan Foundation carried out a research on contemporary art in the Mekong region, including Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam in March. The research led us to an emerging group of young artists working with digital media, apart from those practicing conventional academic painting commonly nurtured at local art universities. Due to limited resources in the current art-making environment, Vietnamese contemporary art seems to be struggling to find new ways of expression, but its potential for attracting international attention in the future is evident.

The Japan Foundation will hold an exhibition and a workshop by Japanese artists to expose Vietnamese audience to experience the latest development in Japanese media art.

 Exhibition Concept

Photography, moving images, and installations, particularly those combined with advanced computer-processed images, are now vital media in contemporary art. Many artists who we interviewed during our research in March were experimenting with their equipments such as digital camera, video, and computer. We observed that the interest in new media art was growing among them.
In response to their interest, the Japan Foundation is organizing an exhibition of Minami Takao (b. 1976, Osaka), who creates video/film artworks and computer-programmed installation works, as well as his own sounds. We hope that the young Japanese artist can bring new perspectives and stimulate the audience in Hanoi.

Dates October 23, - November 1, 2009
(Installation Oct. 21, 22/ De-installation Nov. 2)
Venue Goethe Institut Hanoi
Organizer The Japan Foundation
Artist Minami Takao (media artist)
Curator Azusa Hashimoto (Assistant Curator, The National Museum of Osaka)


Artist Talk

Minami Takao, Tran Luong, Hashimoto Azusa
Date: Friday, October 23, 2009
Venue: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum


Let's Talk About the Potentials in Media Art, Taking Japan as a Case Study (working title) Date, Time: Saturday, October 24, 2009 18:00-20:00;
Venue: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
Lecturers: Kuwakubo Ryota, Hara Hisako

[About the Lecture]
Presentation by Japanese artist about his own works and a general introduction to media artists and artworks in and outside Japan will be made, to provide grounds for a discussion on future prospects on exchange in Asian region.


Media-Art Related Electronic Device Workshop (working title)
Date, Time: Sunday, October 25, 2009 13:00-16:00
Venue: Vietnam Fine Arts Museum
Artist: Kuwakubo Ryota (media artist) Eligibility: art students

No. of participants: 20

[About the Workshop]

Electronic media are an integral part of our daily lives today, regardless of where we live. Advancement in technology now influences and shapes the way we think, and new expressions are emerging as a consequence. Kuwakubo Ryota (b. 1971, Tokyo), an artist who is concerned with this new development, will carry out a workshop for art students to share the process of developing new ideas while creating objects out of locally collected materials.

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