Japanese “Funky” JAZZ in South America

Japanese “Funky” JAZZ in South America"Funky" JAZZ in South America

Map of South AmericaTo commemorate 110 years of emigration to Peru and Bolivia, the Japan Foundation is sponsoring a concert tour by Jazz group “Ritsuco Endo with Funky Ritsuco Version!” The tour will travel across four countries - Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay and Venezuela.
Audiences will be treated to their original numbers, Japanese melodies arranged to a Latin rhythm, as well as songs representing the four individual nations. Joint performances will be scheduled with local guest musicians and dancers. The group will be joined by Marinella dancers, cajon player and guitarist in Peru, a folk band in Bolivia, a harpist in Paraguay and salsa dancers and percussionist in Venezuela.
In addition to the concerts, musical exchange programs are scheduled to take place in a music conservatory and El Sistema in Venezuela.

Tour Schedule (Friday, October 30 - Thursday, November 12, 2009)

Friday, October 30 [Concert] Gobierno Municipal del La Paz (La Paz, Bolivia)
Saturday, October 31 [Concert] Gobierno Municipal del La Paz (La Paz, Bolivia)
Tuesday, November 3 [Concert] Centro Cultural Peruano-Japones (Lima, Peru)
Thursday, November 5 [Concert] Teatro Municipal del Callao(Callao, Peru)
Saturday, November 7 [Musical Exchange Program]
Universidad Nacional Experimental de las Artes (Caracas, Venezuela)
Sunday, November 8 [Concert] Cento Cultural Corpbanca (Caracas, Venezuela)
Monday, November 9 [Musical Exchange Program]
El Sistema (Caracas, Venezuela)
Thursday, November 12 [Concert] Centro Paraguayo-Japonés para el Desarrollo de Recursos Humanos (Asuncion, Paraguay)


Ritsco Endo with FRV! (Funky Ritsuco Version!)

Photo of Ritsco Endo with FRV! (Funky Ritsuco Version!) Ritsuco Endo with FRV! do everything from jazz standards, contemporary Latin numbers, disco hits of the ‘70s, Beatles’ music, rock, classic and Ritsuco ENDO originals, all arranged to a danceable rhythm. FRV! have played locally and on the road for 16 years, bringing together musicians from the Japanese jazz and Latin music scenes to perform concerts, gigs and to make CD recordings.
In February 2002, the group played in Colombia, Dominica, Cuba and Venezuela in a Latin America concert tour supported by the Japan Foundation.
CDs include “SUNSHINE” (Nippon Crown) “FRV!” (Columbia Music Entertainment) “Kazoku (Family)” (Waseda University laboratory series label, first issue) and “Ai ni Afurete (Overflowing with Love)” (Waseda University laboratory series label, second issue).

Ritsuco ENDO Photo of Ritsuco ENDO Jazz pianist.
In-between a wide range of performances with “FRV!” and her “Piano Trio,” Ritsuco teaches popular jazz piano and music theory, while organizing bands for amateur musicians and sponsoring group participation in live concerts.
Her musical activities overseas are not limited to playing with “FRV.” Among others, she performed in Shanghai in 2002 and Beijing in 2003, with the “Endo Ritsuco Piano Trio” for the China Concert Tour, commemorating the 30th Anniversary of the normalization of diplomatic relations between Japan and China. In 2003, she had a concert at the UNESCO Hall in Paris and took part in the “European Jazz Festival” held at the Czech Cultural Center in the city.

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