World premiere of onomatopoetic play in Palestine

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Flyer of World premiere of onomatopoetic play in Palestine
World premiere of
onomatopoetic play in

The Japan Foundation organizes a performance tour by one of Japan's leading puppeteers Jo Taira in five cities in the autonomous areas of the Palestinians. He has been highly acclaimed for his total producing and artful performance of puppet play in Japan. New performance of "Twinkle in the Wonderforest!" is an onomatopoeic play produced as "Wordless Straight Play", which is to be held for the first time in the world.

The Japan Foundation provides an opportunity to introduce Japanese proficient craftsmanship and high artistic quality of puppet producing and performing to children and students in the Palestinian Territories, and holds workshops for parents and children living in a refugee camp in Hebron. We hope this cultural exchange program will contribute to promotion of peace building in the region.

Term: October 10 (Mon.) to October 20 (Tsu.)

Date: Oct. 10 (Mon) 6:00pm Show*
Oct. 11 (Tue) 10:30am Show**
Oct. 11 (Tue) 4:00pm Workshop
Venue: Al Kasabah Theatre
Date: Oct. 12 (Wed) 7:00pm Show*
Oct. 13 (Thu) 10:30am Show**
Venue: Cinema jenin - A symphony
Date: Oct. 15 (Sat) 1:00pm Show**
Oct. 15 (Sat) afternoon Workshop
Oct. 16 (Sun) 11:00am Show**
Oct. 16 (Sun) 4:00pm Show*
Venue: Yes Theatre
Date: Oct. 17 (Mon) 12:00pm Workshop
Oct. 18 (Tue) 2:30pm Show*
Venue: An-Najah University
East Jerusalem
Date: Oct. 19 (Wed) 6:00pm Show*
Oct. 20 (Thu) 1:00pm Workshop
Venue: El Hakawati Theatre

*=show for district school children **=show open to the public


Jo Taira

Official Website

Jo Taira(Puppeteer. Born in 1981 in Sapporo, Hokaido).
Having lived with puppets since his childhood, Jo Taira, whom many call a "generous," has been one of Japan's leading puppeteers. The Increasing popularity of his shows derives from his unique style of emerging himself in the play to interact with puppets as well as doing everything by himself including scripting, producing, designing, staging and performing. He has plays exclusively for adults as well as ones that even babies can enjoy. The audience also enjoys interactions with Jo Taira at workshops he often conducts at the margins of the shows. Many TV programs have covered his activities as an artist, drawing cross-sectional attention to his continuous and vigorous revolution in the conventional world of puppet show. His performance that can easily break the language barrier has also brought big successes overseas including the United States and Germany.

Performance Title

"Twinkle in the Wonderforest!"

"The fairies couldn't agree if the flower was pretty or ugly; their difference in value was causing frictions and turmoil in their emotions" But it was the Twinkle, the countless shining lights in the dark sky, who healed the fairies and restored them comfort-" Jo Taira"s original story that appeals to our imagination and gives us the hint to the preciousness and important of life will have its world premiere in Palestine.

Organised by: JAPAN FOUNDATION, Ministry of Foreigh Affairs of Japan
In Co-organisation with: International Adult Puppet Festival, El Hakawati Theatre, Al Kasabah Theatre, Cinema jenin - A symphony, Yes Theatre, An-Najah University
In cooperation with: Palestinian Cultural Affairs
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