Exhibition: The Group 1965: We are Boys! (Ukraine)

Following Duesseldorf Germany, the Japan Foundation (JF) hosts an overseas exhibition at Art Arsenal in Kiev Ukraine from November 1 to November 13 to comprehensively introduce the activities of an artist unit “The Group 1965”, whose members were all born in a year of 1965. The unit consists of artists playing an important role at contemporary Japanese art scene, such as Makoto Aida, Sumihisa Arima, Parco Kinoshita, Hiroyuki Matsukage, Oscar Oiwa and Tsuyoshi Ozawa. The exhibition will be held as the special exhibition of “ART-KYIV Contemporary 2011”, which is the largest art fair in Ukraine.

The Group 1965 is not an artist collective in the conventional sense of the term. It formed more or less by chance, and its members share little other than their Japanese nationality and the fact that they were all born in 1965. Artists participating in this collective individually produce their works in a wide range of arts, photos, music and performance. Though respective artists express in different ways, they share something in common such as generational background, nonsense, humor and performance. The unit members conduct projects in collaboration or publish books like “The Group 1965’s Tokyo Guide”.
At this exhibition, the members will release in collaboration a new work of “Nagaya (a traditional Japanese urban dwelling of the kind that line the narrow streets in crowded Japanese cities)” produced in Dusseldorf while Tsuyoshi Ozawa will present in collaboration with Ukrainian artists a new work of “Nasubi Gallery”. Furthermore, lecture, talk sessions, workshop and performances by artists will be presented.

Exhibition Outline

Date: November 1 to November 13, 2011
Venue: Art Arsenal (Kiev, Ukraine)
Co-host: The Japan Foundation
Supported by: EU-Japan Fest
Artists: Makoto Aida. Sumihisa Arima, Parco Kinoshita, Hiroyuki Matsukage, Oscar Oiwa, Tsuyoshi Ozawa
Curator D. Gregor Jansen, Inka Christmann (Dusseldorf Kunsthalle), Hitomi Hasegawa
Official HP http://artarsenal.in.ua/eng/

Event Program

<October 30 (Sun.), 2011>
Morning session: Workshop for only children by Parco Kinoshita (RSVP required)
Afternoon session: Artist talk by Oscar Oiwa

<November 1 (Tue.), 2011>
1:00 p.m.-- Artist talk by Sumihisa Arima, Oscar Oiwa, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Parco Kinoshita, Hiroyuki Matsukage
6:00 p.m.--Performance by Parco Kinoshita
6:45 p.m.--Solo live by Sumihisa Arima
7:00 p.m.--Performance “Echo” by Hiroyuki Matsukage and Sumihisa Arima 

<November 2 (Wed.), 2011>
7:00 p.m.--Performance “Echo” by Hiroyuki Matsukage and Sumihisa Arima 


The History of The Group 1965

1994 Organized at Art Fair NICAF (at PACIFICO YOKOHAMA) Original members were Makoto Aida, Oscar Oiwa, Tsuyoshi Ozawa, Chie Kaihotsu, Shin Myeong-eun,Yutaka Sone, Parco Kinoshita and Hiroyuki Matsukage.

1996 Chie Kaihotsu, Shin Myeong-eun, Yutaka Sone left the group.

1998 Masamichi Tosa (Maywa Denki at that time) joined the group.

1999 Sumihisa Arima joined the group.

2008 Masamichi Tosa left the group.

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