International Symposium 2011 CONNECT:Network of University Art Museums in Asia

The Japan Foundation will hold international symposium 2011 “CONNECT: Network of University Art Museums in Asia” on November 4th, Friday, 2011.

In recent years, moves by art universities in countries throughout Asia to establish art museums and exhibition spaces have become particularly pronounced. At this symposium, presentations will be given with the aim of delving into the history of university museums in each country as well as more recent activities and developments. The objective is to consider the mission and significance of university art museums and what it is that makes them different to regular publicly funded art museums. We will also discuss desirable models for the future of such museums and the potential for collaboration through networking.

DATE:November 4th Friday, 2011 10:00-18:00

Venue: JFIC “Sakura” hall, The Japan Foundation
(4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0004) Access
Organizer: The Japan Foundation
Admission Free: Signing up in advance necessary
Capacity: 80 seats
Japanese-English simultaneous interpretation available
To sign up Please send following information by e-mail or fax with its subject as "Asian University Art Museum Conference" by November 2nd, Wednesday, 2011.
Name, Affiliation/Occupation, Address Phone number, FAX number, E-mail address



Session Ⅰ Collection: History, Education and Modernization
A key aspect of the mission of any art museum is to acquire and preserve a collection, but for a university art museum the collection has another role. By preserving the works of important artists, art universities that have played key roles in modernization and the establishment of modern art histories in their countries are making an important contribution to the research that future generations will make into contemporary art history. Also, by collecting works by artists who have graduated from the university in question, such museums are establishing a "history of art education" within their university. Representatives from such museums will give presentations on the current state of their activities with the aim of clarifying the issues and problems currently affecting those facilities.

Moderator: Tanaka Masayuki (Director, Musashino Art University Museum & Library)
Presentation 1 Satsuma Masato (Professor, The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts)
Presentation 2 Oh Jinyee (Senior Curator, Museum of Art, Seoul National University)
Presentation 3 Sone Simatrang(Associate Professor, Silpakorn University)

Session Ⅱ Exhibitions: Progressiveness and Openness
The holding of exhibitions at university art museums is not only aimed at furthering opportunities for education through art appreciation but also at the nurturing of young artists and curators, who by putting on shows at such venues gain important experience. For this reason, there is a very distinctive flavor to the types, content and management-style of exhibitions at university art museums. As public museums have been pressured to become self-sustaining in recent years (with the move to independent administrative institutions in Japan, for example), it has become crucial for exhibition operators to pursue profits. But, university art museums have remained relatively free from such pressures and have thus been able to hold more cutting-edge, more challenging events. In this session, we will ask representatives from museums to make presentations about what they aim for in planning their exhibitions.

Moderator: Kasuya Akiko (Associate Professor, Kyoto City University of Arts)
Presentation 1 Wang Chunchen (Head of Curational Research Department, Central Academy of Fine Arts Art Museum)
Presentation 2 Shabbir Hussain Mustafa (Assistant Curator, Museum of the National University of Singapore)
Presentation 3 Max Delany (Director, Monash University Museum of Art)

Session Ⅲ Archive Network
The foundation for any effort to make a network between university art museums will lie in the act of sharing information. Through information sharing the potential for using each other's collections and for cooperating on exhibitions opens up. At several university art museums in recent years, progress has been made on using cutting-edge information technology to create databases that allow for greater utilization of the institutions' collections and research activities. In this session, we will share information on the archiving work that is taking place at several universities and also explore the potential for networking those archives so that the foundation for further collaborative activities can be established

Moderator: Tanaka Masayuki (Director, Musashino Art University Museum & Library)
Presentation 1 Honjo Michiyo (Administrative Director, Musashino Art University Museum & Library)
Presentation 2 Hirayoshi Yukihiro (Associate Professor, Museum and Archive, Kyoto Institute of Technology)
Presentation 3 Watanabe Yoko (Professor/Curator, Research Center for the Arts and Arts Administration, Keio University )

17:30-18:00 Plenary Session
18:00-19:00 Reception

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