“Omnilogue: Alternating Currents Exhibition” - Japanese Art After March 2011 -

"Omnilogue: Alternating Currents Exhibition"

The Japan Foundation hosts an exhibition in Perth, Australia co-curated by East Asian curators or artists who had stayed in Japan in summer 2010 through JENESYS Programme and leading Japanese curators. Curators of each East Asian country who had been researching contemporary Japanese art scene for a month or more and Japanese curators will discuss and introduce the contemporary Japanese art in detail.

"Omnilogue" refers to three different but connected group exhibitions of contemporary Japanese artists to take place in Perth, New Delhi, India and Singapore spanning from 2011 to 2012. The three exhibitions reflect cultural uniqueness of respective cities and community interaction, and have different exhibition titles and curatorial themes. As the title "Omnilogue(Omni+logue)" indicates, the exhibitions share the common goal to pioneer new possibilities of discussion related to cultural exchange in the 21st century.

Date: December 19, 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Venue: The Japan Foundation, JFIC Hall [Sakura]

Exhibition term: November 12 (Sat.) to December 31 (Sat.),
11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (Closed on Mondays)

Venue: Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts(PICA)
Perth Cultural Centre, James Street, Northbridge
Tel: 61 8 6228 9603 Official Website
Organizer: The Japan Foundation, Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts
Special support: Allens Arthur Robinson
Curators: Leigh Robb (Curator, Perth Institute of Arts)
Azusa Hashimoto (Curator, National Museum of Osaka, Japan)
Jaime Pacena (Independent Curator, Manila, Philippines)

What is "Alternating Currents"?

The word "Current" has multiple meanings. Among them, it indicates "presence", which refers to something happening just now. This exhibition will feature the total six of writers or groups of the various generations to be introduced now. The artists to participate in this exhibition are making cross-genre and multiple approaches such as music, performance, film, installation and sound arts. In fact, "Current" implies the movement of cross-genre collaboration by participating Japanese artists and furthermore the new collaboration with communities in the 21st century. "Current" as a noun also refers to water, a flow and a fluid movement. This understanding of the word also relates specifically to Perth, a city which sits on the Swan River, a water way that extends into the Indian Ocean. These bodies of water, and the currents that they produce, connect Japan and East Asian countries including Australia, which illustrates the structure of the co-curated exhibition itself.

"Current" also refers to electricity - a flow of an electric charge between two points which can also be thought of as a form of communication - a dialogue, which is what the exhibition hopes to encourage between Japanese artists and the local Perth community and art scene, as well as a dialogue among East Asian countries.

The title of this exhibition "Alternating Currents" indicates new styles of "collaboration" and ways of commitment with the community challenged by leading Japanese artists who participate in this exhibition. In which way or at what level will this kind of "collaboration" be realized through their performance? How will they commit with the community in Perth? And what kind of feedback will be brought as a result? Curators together with artists will explore such challenging questions through preparation for this exhibition, display and events held during the exhibition term.

Artist Profile

Fujimoto Yukio

vinyl record

Born in 1950 in Nagoya. Lives in Osaka. Sound and installation artist. Studied Musicology at Osaka University of Arts, Japan. Fujimoto has been renowned for his sound object works since late 1980s. He has been highly acclaimed both inside and outside Japan, and was selected as an artist who represented Japan at the Japan Pavilion of the International Art Exhibition-la Biennale di Venezia in 2001. He makes a presentation of the invisible connection between visual sense and hearing sense, and the actual experience of seeing and that of hearing” through her works. For this exhibition, Fujimoto will release a site-specific new work utilizing coals as materials.

Izumi Taro

Installation image of Hide in a whale's stomach, Mouse
The Display of "Hide in a whale's stomach, Mouse"
Asahi Art Square 2010
mixed media

Born in 1976 in Nara. Lives in Tokyo. Video, installation and performance artist. Completed BA (oil painting) and MA (oil painting) at Tama Art University, Japan. Izumi continues to challenge the possibilities of visual expression, and sometimes develops wide-scale installation. Solo exhibition "Koneru (kneading)" held in Kanagawa in 2010 functioned as the compilation of his works that have recently been released to the public, and indicated new possibilities of visual arts. For this exhibition, Izumi has been preparing wide-scale installation by making the most use of exhibition hall space.

Mohri Yuko

Installation image of Sagami Bay Aquarium
"Sagami Bay Aquarium"
Gallery 20202(two o two o two)
Photo by Ujin Matsuo

Born 1980. Lives in Tokyo. Installation artist working with and kinetic sculpture and drawing. Completed BA at Tama Art University and Masters at Tokyo Art University. Mohri has been renowned for her works to amplify and visualize the malfunction of computers, but her works do not fit into the genre of"media art". Recently, Mohri has released the installation to combine various kinds of gadgets and devices. She also presents art performances in collaboration with other artists. For this exhibition, Mohri will release a new work utilizing lighting devices.

Nadegata Instant Party

Photo of Nadegata Instant Party
2010 Nadegata Instant Party
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre

A collective consists of three Tokyo-based young performance and new media artists, Nakazaki Toru, Yamashiro Daisuke and Noda Tomoko, which was formed in 2006. They commit to local communities by selecting an "idea" suitable for the community and starting work production activity. The collective involves local people in installation or events, and then, the process of changing the "idea" to the "reality" itself is their artistic activity. For this exhibition, Nadegata Instant Party will develop a project, whose keyword is "yellow cake", a by-product yielded in the process of uranium mining. They are planning to open "yellow cake street" at PICA.

Otomo Yoshihide

Photo of Otomo YoshihideBorn 1959 in Yokohama. Lives in Tokyo. Otomo has been engaged in music performances in the boundless genres such as jazz, experimental music and so on as a guitarist and turntablist in collaboration with other musicians in Japan and overseas. Otomo organized "ENSEMBLES 2010: Resonance", which was a collaboration project with artists, architects and local inhabitants as well as musicians, to create new trends with the power of resonance of participants’ ideas and energy through exhibitions, concerts and parades held at the venue. For this exhibition, Otomo will display visual art works related to "Project Fukushima" and hold an audience participation style concert for people living in Perth on December 10.

Sugawa Sakiko

Logo of International Conference on Reconstruction of Japan Born in 1978 in Kyoto. Lives in Kyoto. Artist, social activist and independent director/organizer of cultural and educational programs. Sakiko Sugawa is a founding member of "hanare", which operates "Social Kitchen" in Kyoto as a place to provide opportunities for people with different backgrounds to gather for meals and discussions. She also conducts media art projects that are connected social and political issues. Sugawa has personally produced a project to be continued for 40 years in the form of exhibition, which will deal with Israeli-Palestinian issue. Sugawa's lifework is to continuously propose the way of "resistance" with more realistic and happier approach. At this exhibition, Sugawa will develop a project "International Conference on Reconstruction of Japan" after the Great East Japan Earthquake, and ask for proposals
by local immigrants and minorities to struggling Japan.

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