The Briefing Session on “Omnilogue:Alternating Currents Exhibition”

Artists who have been participating in "Alternating Currents: Japanese Art After March 2011" in Australia will hold the "Briefing Session" on the exhibition in Tokyo on December 19

Photo of Nadegata Instant Party
Nadegata Instant Party
(Nakazaki Tohru, Yamashiro Daisuke, Noda Tomoko)
《Yellow Cake Street》, 2011

The Japan Foundation organizes the briefing session on the ongoing "Omnilogue: Alternating Currents: Japanese Art After March 2011," - taking place in Perth, Australia until December 31 at the Japan Foundation's headquarters in Tokyo.

Australian, Philippine and Japanese curators selected a theme and 6 Japanese artists for this exhibition through deliberated discussion. The selected artists produced new works in collaboration with local artists or staff and are showcasing their works at the exhibition.

Three participating artists and a curator for the exhibition will be invited to this briefing session to introduce the full picture of the exhibition and reveal the outcome and future challenges based on the experience in Perth, which will further bring the possibilities of "joint planning" or "overseas collaboration project". Please visit our JFIC Hall [Sakura] for this briefing session.

The details of the “Omnilogue: Alternating Currents Exhibition” are posted here.

Date December 19 (Mon.), 7:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.
Venue The Japan Foundation, JFIC Hall [Sakura]
4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Participants Fujimoto Yukio
Izumi Taro
Nadegata Instant Party (Nakazaki Tohru, Yamashiro Daisuke, Noda Tomoko)
Hashimoto Azusa
 (Curator for the exhibition,  National Museum of Osaka, Japan)
Admission Free (RSVP is required), Capacity: 80 people
Language In Japanese

Installation image of BROOM (CHARCOAL by Fujimoto Yukio Fujimoto Yukio

Installation image of io/AIO by Mori Yuko
Mori Yuko

Installation image of Skunk Tunnel by Izumi Taro
Izumi Taro
"Skunk Tunnel (Crawling into Inner Tube Hole through Barrel into Stomach"

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