"Chikudo & Friends" Traditional Japanese Music Concert in Middle East and Africa

Photo of "Chikudo & Friends" Traditional Japanese Music Concert in Middle East and Africa

The Japan Foundation organizes the traditional Japanese music concert with Shakuhachi and Tsugaru Shamisen in Tunisia, Egypt and Iran.

The players are; Chikudo TAKAHASHI (Tsugaru Shamisen player), Kenta SUZUKI (a promising apprentice of Chikudo TAKAHASHI), and Takahisa KAWASAKI (Shakuhachi player) who has made a perfect musical joint with CHIKUDO in their performances.

In Tunisia, the trio performs as Japan’s representative at the Carthage Music Festival taking place in October. Aiming to bring the delicate and dynamic timbres of Japanese instruments, they follow the tradition, performing acoustically without any other sound sources. In addition to the concerts, workshops are currently planned to be held in Tunisia and Egypt.

Wochi Kochi Magazine carries the event report by the performers.


Tunisia (Tunis)

Date: 17 October 2012
Venue: Institut Superieur de la Musique

Date: 18 October 2012
Venue: Teatro National

Date: 19 October 2012
Venue: Acropolium (Octobre Musical de Carthage*)
*Octobre Musical de Carthage is the international music festival taking place in Tunisia in every October.

Egypt (Cairo)

Date: 21 October 2012
Venue: Husein Geneid Hall, Arab Music Institute, Academy of Arts

Date: 22 October 2012
Venue: Sakiya Culture Wheel, River Hall

Date: 23 October 2012
Venue: Cairo Opera House Small Hall

Iran (Tehran)
Date: 25 and 26 October 2012
Venue: Andisheh Center

Artist Profiles


Photo of Chikudo TAKAHASHIChikudo TAKAHASHI started to play Tsugaru Shamisen at the age of 9 under the influence of his father, and at the age of 19, he began studying under the master, Chikuzan TAKAHASHI as his last apprentice. TAKAHASHI started his career as a solo at the age of 24. While inheriting a rich musicality from his master, he has also established a strong reputation for the deep lyricism in his performances. In addition, TAKAHASHI has broadened his musical horizon through learning other musical instruments, such as Kokyū and Sanshin, and has created an original style with his lively and sophisticated stage performances. TAKAHASHI has participated in numerous overseas performances. 

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Photo of Takahisa KAWASAKITakahisa KAWASAKI studied Kinko-ryū Shakuhachi under his father, Ginhō KAWASAKI. He also became an apprentice of the master, Shūgetsu KAKEHI, who taught him the Kinko-ryū and the Myōan-ryū Shakuhachi. He also apprenticed under Kifū MITUHASHI learning various musical styles ranging from traditional to contemporary Shakuhachi music. KAWASAKI has received many honorable awards throughout his career, and has actively participated in overseas music festivals in Korea, Taiwan, France, Russia, and other places.

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Photo of Kenta SUZUKIKenta SUZUKI began learning Tsugaru Shamisen at the age of 7, and started to study under the tutelage of Chikudo TAKAHASHI in 2000. Beginning with the prize for the individual elementary student category of the 13th Kanegi All Japan Tsugaru Shamisen Competition in 2001, SUZUKI has already received a number of music awards. In recent years, he has given many stage performances throughout Japan with his master, Chikudo TAKAHASHI.

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