The 30th Anniversary of Malaysia’s Look East Policy Contemporary Hogaku Performance with Noh-gaku, Contrabass, and Guitar “Sok-Ryu-Teki-Ha”

Contemporary Hogaku Performance with Noh-gaku, Contrabass, and Guitar "Sok-Ryu-Teki-Ha"

In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of Malaysia's Look East Policy introduced by then prime minister of Malaysia, Mahathir Mohamad, the Japan Foundation presents a unique performance in which the timbres of the traditional Japanese musical instrument are harmonized with Western music. The event takes place in Kuala Lumpur and Penang, Malaysia, from October 24 to 28, 2012.

The main performer, Yukihiro Isso has built his professional career as a member of the traditional Noh flute players family, and at the same time has established a new form of musical expression with an extensive experience in collaborating with many musicians of various genres, such as jazz, rock, and contemporary music. This time, Isso appears with two other musicians, contrabassist Hiroshi Yoshino and guitarist Junichi Takagi as "ISSO Group". Their performance introduces local audiences to a fascinating aspect of contemporary Japanese culture that keeps its traditions alive in it.

In Penang, they also conduct workshops for students to promote further friendship with more Malaysian people at SMK Bukit Jambul and USM School of the Arts on October 24.

Title of the Performance

Traditional / Contemporary Music Performance by ISSO Group

Dates: October 24 - 28, 2012
Date: Wednesday, October 24 Morning
Venue: SMK Bukit Jambul (Secondary School)

Date: Wednesday, October 24 Afternoon
Venue: USM School of the Arts

Date: Thursday, October 25
Venue: Performing Arts Centre of Penang (penangpac)

Kuala Lumpur
Dates: Saturday, October 27, Sunday, October 28
Venue: Annexe Gallery

Presented by: The Japan Foundation

Co-organized by: Consulate-General of Japan in Penang, Malaysia Performing Arts Centre of Penang

In Cooperation with: Embassy of Japan in Malaysia, Annexe Gallery, USM, SMK Bukit Jambul

Artist Profile

Yukihiro ISSO (Noh-kan, Japanese Noh flute)

Yukihiro ISSO Born in Tokyo in 1964, Yukihiro ISSO was born into a family of professional Noh flute players. With a tradition in Noh music dating back 400 years, he became the 15th generation of his family to carry the banner. Studying under his father, Yukimasa Isso, he made his stage debut at the age of nine with "Kuramatengu" and he has been working as a Noh flute musician since. In addition to his principal profession, since 1991 he has been presiding over his series of independent concerts "Ohiyari"with a repertoire ranging from Noh music pieces, his own works and also classical music with his own fresh interpretation.
As an improvisational artist, he has performed with domestic and overseas musicians and artists in various categories, such as Yosuke Yamashita (piano), Cecil Taylor (piano), Peter Brotzmann (sax), Bill Laswell (bass), Min Tanaka (butoh dancer) and so on. He also often works with classical musicians. In February 2006, he performed in the concert, Flute: Visionary Journey, at Tokyo Opera City Concert Hall, with the Tokyo Philharmonic Orchestra (conducted by Seikyo Kim) and played his own composition "Flute Fantasia" (arranged by Takehiko Yamada) and "J.S.Bach's Suite (Suite Nr.2 h-moll BWV1067)".
As recognition for his various challenging activities, he was awarded "Award for creative tradition" by Japan Arts Foundation (2010). Among his own works are "Tokyo Darumagaeru" (1990) "Vire Tiere" (1993) "Leeyari" (2001) "Fufufu" (2005)" Kakari Rangen" (2005) "Yoshinobori" (2007) and "Sakusyaku" (2011).

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Hiroshi Yoshino (Contrabass)

Hiroshi Yoshino

Born in 1955. Began his professional career while still studying at the Tokyo University of the Arts, participating in jazz groups led by Shoji Aketagawa, Akira Sakata, Kako Takashi, Masahiko Togashi, Yosuke Yamashita, and Satoru Shionoya. At the same time he's been involved in the contemporary music scene, such as "Music Today" and "Yatsugatake Kogen Music Festival" which were produced by the late Toru Takemitsu, as well as Michio Mamiya's opera, "Popoi". His main activity nowadays is with "Bass Solo and Higan No Shigan" and "Hiroshi Yoshino Mongoloiders Neo" as he explores the possibilities of the contrabass which he views as being a folk instrument. In addition, he's a regular bassist for such groups as ISSO Yukihiro's Leeyari, provides vocal support for Taeko Onuki as well as characteristically composed, profound performances during reading sessions by the writers Amy Yamada and Hikaru Okuizumi.

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Junichi Takagi (Guitar)

Junichi Takagi

Active professionally in the live music scene and at clubs since 17. Moved to America in 1986, and whilst studying under the renown pianist Barry Harris he participated in numerous sessions with Ron Carter, Mal Waldron, etc. Returning to Japan, he studied flamenco guitar under Koji Sakanaka, and at the same time formed MASARA with Keisuke Ohta (violin) and Masaki Yoshimi (tabla) which incorporates the essence of jazz, classic, and global ethnic music, and is currently performing at live houses and events mainly in Tokyo and other parts of Japan. He often performs with Isso Yukihiro as well.
Among his works are MASARA SCOPE.

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