The 8th Asian Museum Curators’ Conference Tokyo

The conference aims to assemble the next generation of curators in a workshop and meeting to discuss common concerns, explore the potential for networking, and engage in long-term collaborative projects dealing with modern and contemporary art in the Asian region. It also aims to encourage participating museums to take turns hosting the conference so that participants can visit a wide variety of regions. The conference is held on either an annual or biannual basis. The feasibility of various future projects is set to be discussed at this year's conference.

The first seven events were held in the following locations: Tokyo/Osaka, Seoul, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore/Malaysia, India, and Tokyo. As with the seventh event held last year, the 2012 conference will be held in Tokyo. In this eighth conference, we will consider the changing socio-historical conditions of constructing Asian art history as a discourse along with changes in the Asian art environment based on the results of last year's event.

Program Structure

Date: Fri., December 21 - Sat. December 22, 2012
Venue: Sakura Hall, The Japan Foundation Access
Organizer: The Japan Foundation
Admission is free (Maximum capacity: 80 people-advance booking is necessary)
Simultaneous interpretation (Japanese and English) is provided


December 21(Fri) 10:00-18:00
Moderator: Hayashi Michio (Professor of Art History, Sophia University, Japan)

Session 1: “To create a common platform to rethink Asian art history through reviewing recent activities of Asian museums”

(1) National Art Museums

*Opening Remark by The Japan Foundation

  • Presentation 1 Liu Jienne (Curator, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)
  • Presentation 2 Tan Hui Koon (Curator/Educator, National Visual Arts Gallery, Malaysia)
  • Presentation 3 Iris, Shu-Ping Haung (Curator, National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts)
  • Presentation 4 Kuraya Mika (Chief Curator of the Department of Fine Arts the National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo)
  • Presentation 5 Hashimoto Azusa (Assistant Curator, the National Museum of Art, Osaka)


(2) Public/Private Art Museums

  • Presentation 6 Kuroda Raiji (Chief Curator, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum)
  • Presentation 7 Kitade Chieko (Curator, 21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa)
  • Presentation 8 Kondo Kenichi (Curator, Mori Art Museum)
  • Presentation 9 Ota Masako (Assistant Curator, Yokohama Museum of Art)


(3) University Art Museums

  • Presentation 10Oh Jinyee (Curator, Museum of Art, Seoul National University)
  • Presentation 11 Patrick D. Flores (Professor, Art Studies Department, University of the Philippines)



December 22(Sat) 10:30-18:00
Moderator: Hayashi Michio (Professor of Art History, Sophia University, Japan)

Session 2: The multilayered structure of art world: inter-acting events/sites of various scales and locales

*Review Day 1 by Hayashi Michio

  • Presentation 1 Mori Tsukasa (Director, Tokyo Artpoint Project)
  • Presentation 2 Kitagawa Fram (General Director for Echigo-Tsumari Art Triennial)


Session 3: Art discourse to be re-configured: the possibility of new chrono-topographical imagination


  • Presentation 1 Kajiya Kenji (Professor, Faculty of Arts, Hiroshima City University)
  • Presentation 2 Tezuka Miwako (Director, Japan Society Gallery)
  • Presentation 3 Seng Yu Jin (Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts, Lasalle College of the Art)
  • Presentation 4 Pi Li (Senior Curator, M+, Museum for Visual Culture)

*Comment by Patrick D. Flores (Professor, Art Studies Department, University of the Philippines)
*General discussion

To apply as an observer

Please send following information by e-mail, or fax By December 14 (Fri), 2012

① Desired date (December 21(Fri), 22(Sat))
② Name
③ Affiliation / Occupation
④ Address
⑤ Phone number
⑥ Fax number
⑦ E-mail address

Fax: +81-(0)3-5369-6038

*Maximum capacity: Up to 80 persons for each day
*We will send a confirmation as we accept the application.

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