Lectures and Demonstrations on Japanese Cuisine

Logo of the Japan Foundation Japan-Russia Cultural Exchange Project 2012

Several generations-old restaurants of Kyoto have become the core of international exchange on Japanese cuisine. Mr. Takuji TAKAHASHI (of the restaurant Kinobu), a top level chef affiliated with the Japanese Culinary Academy of Kyoto, will be sent with four other top-level chefs to Moscow. In addition to explaining the Japanese culture that lies behind Japanese cuisine, they will:

  1. Provide new perspectives on Japanese cooking and cuisine, by serving and explaining the cultural background of what may be called the apex of Japanese haute cuisine, kaiseki ryôri, to VIPs, opinion leaders, Russian chefs and the media, among others;
  2. Hold workshops and discussions on the food cultures of Russia and Japan with local Russian chefs, thereby taking the opportunity to create interest in Japanese cuisine and encourage new developments in both Russian and Japanese cuisine; and
  3. Undertake activities to popularize Japanese cuisine in Russia, by, among other things, showing Russian citizens, starting with university students who are the future of Russia, how they can use easily obtainable local ingredients to make Japanese cuisine, thereby taking a step to advance Japanese food as something that is just consumed, to something that can be made.
Date 10 September 2012 - 19 September 2012
Venue Moscow
Organizer Japan Foundation

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