Japan Pavilion at the 11th International Architecture Exhibition, the Venice Biennale in 2008: Biographies

Commissioner / Taro Igarashi

Photo of Taro IgarashiBorn in Paris, France in 1967.  Bachelor’s and master’s degrees in architecture, Engineering Department, the University of Tokyo with Doctor’s degree in the history of architecture.  Presently serving as associate professor of engineering in the graduate school of Tohoku University.  Curator for Japan's Section in the Lisbon Architecture Triennale in 2007.  Also writes architectural criticism.

Publications include Superflat Architecture and Japanese Subculture (Towards Total Scape, NAi Publishers, 2000); Buddhism and Metabolism (Kisho Kurokawa: Metabolism and Symbiosis, Jovis Verlag, 2005); Revolution and Utopia since Modernism (Archilab's Urban Experiments, Thames&hudson, 2005); Latecomers Living on an Utterly Flat Battlefield (Archilab 2006: Nested In The City, HYX, 2006); The "Post-bubble" Era and Architecture (Touring Exhibition "Parallel Nippon: Contemporary Japanese Architecture 1996-2006", the Japan Foundation/Architectural Institute of Japan, 2007).  In Japanese: Gendai kenchiku ni kansuru 16 sho (16 Chapters on Contemporary Architecture), Kodansha; Shinpen - Shinshukyo to kyodai kenchiku (New Edition: New Religion and Monumental Architecture), Chikuma Gakugei Bunko; Utsukushii toshi, minikui toshi (Beautiful City, Ugly City) and Kabobi toshi (Over-Protected Cities), Chuko Shinsho Rakure; Gendai kenchiku no pasupekutibu (Perspective on Contemporary Architecture), Kobunsha Shinsho; Senso to kenchiku (War and Architecture), Obunsha.  Edited Mienai Shinsai (Invisible Earthquake), Misuzu Shobo.

Exhibitor / Junya Ishigami

Photo of Junya IshigamiBorn in Kanagawa prefecture in 1974. Master’s degree in architecture and planning, Graduate School of Fine Arts, Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music. Worked in the architectural firm, Kazuyo Sejima and Associates from 2000 to 2004. Established junya.ishigami + associates in 2004. Designed the Lexus automobile exhibition space at Milano Salone in 2004, displaying his low chair and round table, which were acquired by the Pompidou Centre. Submitted small garden of row house to SD Review of 2005 and received the SD Prize. Submitted table to the Kirin Art Project of 2005 and received the Kirin Prize. Table shown at the Basel Art Fair by Gallery Koyanagi in 2006 and acquired by the Israel Museum. First prize in residential architecture project sponsored by the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Exhibited balloon and little gardens in SPACE FOR YOUR FUTURE at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo in 2007. Designed KAIT Studio for the Kanagawa Institute of Technology in 2008.

Exhibitor / Hideaki Ohba

Photo of Hideaki OhbaBorn in Tokyo in 1943.  Doctor of Science and Professor Emeritus, the University of Tokyo.  A field botanist working especially in high-altitudes in the Himalaya and the Kunlun mountains, and arid zones in the Arabian Peninsula and the Sahara Desert.  Also worked on botanical history and human interactions with plants, including botanical illustrations, materia medica, and global warming.  His publications include Himalayan Plants, vols. 1-4, University of Tokyo Press, Selected Writings of Hideaki Ohba, 1 & 2, Yasaka Shobo, Illustrated Handbook of Succulent Plants, vol. 4, Crassulaceae (ed. Urs Eggli.), Springer, Berlin, and co-author of the Japanese edition of Historia Plantarum, a facsimili ms. 459, Biblioteca Casanatense, Roma, Iwanami Shoten, and a Japanese translation of H. Koopowitz and H. Kaye, Plant Extinction: A Global Crisis, Yasaka Shobo.

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