Hidden Japan

This exhibition introduces 85 black-and-white photographs selected from “Hidden Japan– Shizen ni Hisomu Nihon,” a collection of photographs taken throughout Japan by Kijuro Yahagi. The photographer has explained his work in this way: “In gazing at the nature of Japan as it is, the present state of the country emerges through my photographs.”

This touring exhibition is completed.

Fiscal Year 2011 - 2012

February 16 - March 11, 2011
Cambodia Japan Cooperation Center(Phnom Penh, Cambodia)

November 17 - December 27, 2011
National Art Gallery (Islamabad, Pakistan)

July 22 - August 14, 2011
Gallery Sixty Five (Yangon, Myanmar)

May 1- 31, 2011
The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum (Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia)

Photo of Nachino-taki
Sacred Waterfall, Nachino-taki, Wakayama

Photo of Shinjuku Tokyo
A View in Shinjuku, Tokyo

Photo of Ryoan-ji garden
Rock Garden, Ryoanji-Temple, Kyoto

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