Wrestling Coaching in Sudan

The Japan Foundation (JF) appoints Mr. Kosuke Sunagawa as a wrestling coach to train local wrestlers in the capital of Sudan, Khartoum. The wrestling training will be held for a month at a local sporting stadium.

Nuba Wrestling, with 3000 years of history, is widely popular in Sudan. However, the local wrestlers have not reached the international level yet without sufficient skills nor training under the Olympic Rules. To foster its environment for future Olympians, Mr. Sunagawa, a competitive wrestler, will visit Sudan and coach the athletes for a month.

Last year, it became big news that a Japanese diplomat became a first foreigner to participate in Nuba Wrestling. During the training period, Mr. Sunagawa will also take part in Nuba Wrestling matches. By helping the Sudanese wrestlers to acquire the Olympic Rules and participating in the local matches, the JF hopes to help develop the local talents and further the cultural interaction between Japan and Sudan.

Read an essay contributed by Kosuke Sunagawa in Wochi Kochi Magazine


Dates First Training Period: November 3 - 27, 2014  ※Finished
*Will participate in 2 Nuba Wrestling matches
Second Training Period: February 3 - 26, 2015  ※Finished
*Will participate in Nuba Wrestling matches on February 20
Venue First Training Period: Youssef Hadji Wrestling Stadium, Khartoum, Sudan
Second Training Period: Hashim Dhaifalla Hall, Khartoum, Sudan
Organized by The Japan Foundation, The Embassy of Japan in Sudan
Cooperated by Japan Wrestling Federation, Sudan Wrestling Federation


Kosuke Sunagawa

Started wrestling at the age of four, this year marks the 19th year as a wrestler. His record includes: 1st place in the 2012 All Japan Student Championship (66kg weight class), 3rd in the 2013 Meiji Cup National Invitational Wrestling Tournament (66kg weight class), 5th place in the 2014 World University Wrestling Championship (70kg weight class). While teaching at the Kashiwa-Nittai High School, he actively participates in competitions.

At wrestling match 1
Kosuke Sunagawa (right)
At wrestling match 2
Kosuke Sunagawa (right)

The first period training

Photo taken at a training session
Local Sudanese wrestlers learned the basics of the Olympic wrestling rules from Mr. Sunagawa
photo of Nuba Wrestling
Nuba Wrestling is so popular in Sudan that the stadium is filled with a large crowd of Sudanese people every week.

Photo taken at the Nuba Wrestling match
Mr. Sunagawa also participated in Nuba Wrestling friendly match.
Photo of Mr. Kosuke Sunagawa and a Sudanese wrestler
Mr. Sunagawa and the local wrestlers have deepened their friendship and respect for each other.

Photos courtesy of Embassy of Japan in Sudan

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