Movie Screenings YOKOSO! EIGAKAN!
Up-and-coming anime The Anthem of the Heart to be shown with English/Chinese subtitles

Leaflet of Movie Screenings YOKOSO! EIGAKAN!
Leaflet (PDF:4.1MB)

The Japan Foundation joins a movie screening project YOKOSO! EIGAKAN!, organized by T-JOY Co., Ltd. In cooperation with the Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO), the project will show the latest Japanese movies with foreign language subtitles aiming at visitors from overseas and non-Japanese people living in Japan. In October 2015, the latest animation movie The Anthem of the Heart will be screened with simplified Chinese as well as English subtitles.

In recent years, the number of visitors from overseas has greatly increased and their purposes of visit range widely. In addition to visiting popular tourist spots, there is a tendency for them to try activities which can only be experienced in Japan. Therefore, this project will show the latest Japanese movies, which are screened at limited places outside Japan, to attract more visitors. The film screenings also give an opportunity for non-Japanese people living in Japan to understand appeals of Japanese movies, and promote their interests in Japanese culture through the films.

T-JOY Co., Ltd has already shown Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' (distributed by Toei) in May and June 2015, and it was extremely well received by visitors and residents from various countries. This time, the Japan Foundation and JNTO join the project and will present the movie with simplified Chinese subtitles targeting Chinese tourists, who are the largest percentage of tourists in Japan. It also has English subtitles and will be shown is Osaka, Kyoto and Fukuoka where many people visit.
For details, please visit the official website for YOKOSO! EIGAKAN!.


Dates Saturday, October 17 – Friday, October 23, 2015
Title The Anthem of the Heart
(distributed by Aniplex Inc., (C) KOKOSAKE PROJECT)
Theaters Tokyo Shinjuku Wald 9*
Osaka Umeda Burg 7
Kyoto T-JOY Kyoto
Fukuoka T-JOY Hakata
* Jointly operated by TOHO Cinemas Co., Ltd.
Language Japanese
Subtitles English/Simplified Chinese subtitles
Organized by T-JOY Co., Ltd.
Special Cooperation The Japan Foundation
Cooperation Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

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