Japanese Film Screenings Overseas in January, 2006

From January of this year, The Japan Foundation is pleased to present and co-sponsor on-going screenings of Japanese films at the following exhibitions and international film festivals around the world.

Regularly-presented Japanese film shows

Yasujiro Ozu Special
Date: 11/19, 2005 - 1/19.
Venue: Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Calcutta.
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, New Delhi.
4 films such as “Ukikusa” (floating weeds).

Tomu Uchida Film Special
Date: 9/12, 2005 - 1/30.
Venue: Cologne, Germany.
Presented by: Japanisches Kulturinstitut (Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne)
16 films such as "Kiga Kaikyo (straits of starvation)," " Tsuchi (earth)," "Chiyari Fuji (blood spear at Mount Fuji)."

Heinosuke Gosho Special in Paris--Unknown Masters of Japanese Cinema, Part 7
Date: 1/26 - 2/11.
Venue: Paris, France
Presented by: The Japan Cultural Institute, Paris (The Japan Foundation)
14 films including “Ima Hitotabi No” (once more)

The 12th Japanese Film Festival in South Africa
Date: 1/6 - 1/22.
Venue: Port Elizabeth, Cape Town, and Johannesburg.
Presented by: The Japanese Embassy of The Republic of South Africa.
4 films including “Kids’Return” by Takeshi Kitano.

Mikio Naruse Special in North America and Canada
Date: 9/3, 2005 – 5/8.
Venue: In America--Madison, Cambridge, Boston, Santa Fe, New York, Los Angeles, Berkeley, Washington D.C, Chicago, Columbus, Rochester and Cleveland. In Canada--Toronto, Vancouver.
Presented by: Cinematique Ontario and others.
34 films including "Inazuma" (thunder bolt), "Ani Imoto" (brother and sister) and "Onna ga Kaidan wo Noboru Toki" (when a woman ascends the stairs).

Yasuzo Masumura Special
Date: 9/1, 2005 - 2/28.
Venue: 17 cities such as London, U.K.
Presented by: Independent Cinema Office.
8 films such as "Hyoheki" (ice wall), "Moju" (blind beast) directed by Yasuzo Masumura.

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