Japanese Film Screenings Overseas in September, 2009

The Japan Foundation is pleased to present and co-sponsor ongoing screenings of Japanese films at the following exhibitions and international film festivals around the world.

Regularly-presented Japanese film shows


Touring Japanese Film Festival in East Europe
Dates: May, 2009 to March, 2010
Venues: Slovakia/ Istropolis (Bratislava) (September 11 to 13)
Croatia/ Kino Tuskanac (Zagreb) (September 29 to October 7)
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Embassy of Japan in the Slovak Republic, Embassy of Japan in Croatia
Films Screened: Half a Confession by Kiyoshi Sasabe, BOKUNCHI My House by Junji Sakamoto, Canary by Akihiko Shiota, The Glass Rabbit by Setsuko Shibuichi, We Shall Overcome Someday by Kazuyuki Izutsu, Hanging Garden by Toshiaki Toyoda, Hush! by Ryosuke Hashiguchi

Touring Japanese Film Festival in Latin America
Dates: September 1 to 13
Venues: Mexico / Cienteca Nacional Mexico (Mexico City)
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Mexico, Cienteca Nacional Mexico
Films Screened: The Rickshaw Man by Hiroshi Inagaki, License to Live by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, DEAD OR ALIVE by Takashi Miike, Fancy Dance by Masayuki Suo, HANA-BI by Takeshi Kitano, A Man Vanishes by Shohei Imamura, TOKYO STORY by Yasujiro Ozu, A FLOATING CLOUD by Mikio Naruse, and other films

New Japanese Pop Movies
Dates: September 3 to December 17
Venues: Germany / The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne (Cologne)
Presented by: The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne
Films Screened: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time by Mamoru Hosoda, MIND GAME by Masaaki Yuasa, PULSE by Kiyoshi Kurosawa, Harmful Insect by Akihiko Shiota, The Battery-Future in Our Hands- by Yojiro Takita, GO by Isao Yukisada, MONDAY by SABU, The Bandage Club by Yukihiko Tsutsumi, How to Become Myself by Jun Ichikawa, Fourteen by Hiromasa Hirosue, Wonder Child by Koji Hagiuda, KAMOME DINER by Naoko Ogigami, and other films

The 11th Japanese Film Retrospective:
The Films of Kon Ichikawa
Dates: September 24 to October 31
Venues: Russia / Moscow, Nizhniy Novgorod
Presented by: The Japanese Culture Department "Japan Foundation" of the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature, Muzei Kino
Films Screened: The Makioka Sisters, Alone across the Pacific, Doraheita, Her Brother, Fires on the Plain, and other films

Touring Japanese Film Festival in Canada
Dates: September 29 to December 12

Canada / Pacific Cinematheque (Vancouver), Town Cinema (Vernon), Movie Mill (Lethbridge), Plaza Theatre (Calgary), Library and Archive Canada (Ottawa), Concordia University (Montreal), Nova Scotia Halifax (Halifax), New Brunswick Sackville Vogue Cinema (Sackville), McMaster University (Hamilto), The Bloor Cinema (Toronto)

Presented by:

The Japan Foundation, Toronto, Embassy of Japan in Canada, Consulate-General of Japan in Vancouver, Consulate-General of Japan in Calgary, Consulate General of Japan at Montreal

Films Screened:

The Milkwoman by Akira Ogata, Dog in a Sidecar by Kichitaro Negishi, Women in the Mirror by Yoshishige Yoshida, The Stars Converge by Kiyoshi Sasabe

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