Japanese Film Screenings Overseas in June, 2010

The Japan Foundation is pleased to present and co-sponsor ongoing screenings of Japanese films at the following exhibitions and international film festivals around the world.

Regularly-presented Japanese film shows


Retrospective of Yasuzo Masumura
Dates: May 3 to July 29, 2010
Venues: Germany / Cologne
The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne
Presented by: The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne
Films Screened: (Yasuzo Masumura) Warm Current, The Precipice, A Wife Confesses, Dr. Hanaoka’s Wife, The Blind Beast, and other films
Historias del Crimen: La Yakuza Japonesa
Dates: June 3 to 20, 2010
Venues: Mexico / Mexico City
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Mexico
Films Screened: By a Man's Face Shall You Know Him, Fightin' Tatsu the Rickshaw Man, Red Peony Finds a Daughter, Red Peony Gambles Her Life, Requiem for a Massacre, and Blood of Revenge by Tai KATO, Graveyard of Honor and Wolves, Pigs Men by Kinji FUKASAKU, Bloody Spear at Mt.Fuji, Hishakaku and Kiratsune -a tale of two yakuza-, and Yoshiwara The Pleasure Quarters by Tomu UCHIDA, Japanese Yakuza, and Duel in Takadanobaba by Masahiro MAKINO, SHABU by Tatsuoki HOSONO
Daisatsujin (The Great Killing) by Eiichi KUDO, Street of Violence (The Pen Never Lies) by Satsuo YAMAMOTO
Japan-Mexico Relations
Documentary Film Screenings in Shanghai
Dates: June 7 to 11, 2010
Venues: China / Shanghai
Broadband International Cineplex in Shanghai Time Square,UME Cineplex,Metropol Cinema,StudioCity Cinema
URL:MIDA (Magnolia International Documentary Awards)
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Beijing
Films Screened: Eight documentaries including winners of 2009 Yamagata International Documentary Film Festival will be presented at MIDA festival dedicated to documentary cinema. Directors will also join the screening and interact with audience.
Retrospective of Takeo Kimura
Dates: June 11 to 30, 2010
Venues: Hungary/ Budapest
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Budapest, Hungarian National Film Archive
Films Screened: Wild Geese by Shiro Toyoda, A Hole of My Own Making by Tomu Uchida, The Young Rebel by Seijun Suzuki, Flowers & Rage by Seijun Suzuki, Comfort Women by Seijun Suzuki,Tokyo Nagaremono by Seijun Suzuki, Zigeunerweisen by Seijun Suzuki, Sen Rikyu by Kei Kumai, The Face of Jizo by Kazuo Kuroki
Japanese Film Festival 2010
Dates: June 17 to 27, 2010
Venues: Malaysia/ Kuala Lumpur,Penang
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Kuala Lumpur
Films Screened: Dog in a Slidecar by Kichitaro Negishi,One Million Yen Girl by Yuki Tanada,The Summit A Chronicle of Sotnes by Daisuke Kimura,5 Centimeters per Secondby Makoto Shinkai
Touring Japanese Film Festival in East Europe
Dates: May, 2010 to March, 2011
Venues: Romania / Bucharest (June 24 to 30)
Presented by: The Japan Foundation,Embassy of Japan in Romania
Films Screened: Scarred Angels by Junji Sakamoto, The Dagger of Kamui by Taro Rin, A Scene at the Sea by Takeshi Kitano, Hotel Hibiscus by Yuji Nakae, The Blossoming of Etsuko by Kazuo Kuroki, Awaking by Junji Sakamoto, Climber’s High by Masato Harada
Emcaoo e Poesia: O Cinema de Yasujiro Ozu
Dates: June 30, 2010 to August 22, 2011
Venues: Brazil / Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro
Rio de Janeiro CCBB (Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil)
Sao Paulo CCBB
Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Sao Paulo
Films Screened:  I Was Born, But…,Story of Floating Weeds, Good Morning, Passing Fancy, Tokyo Chorus, Twilight in Tokyo, The Munakata Sisters, I Flunked, But…, Young Days, Akibiyori, The Flavor of Green Tea over Rice, A Hen in the Wind, Early Spring, The Record of a Tenement Gentleman, Early Summer, Higambana, Kagamijishi (A Classical Dance of Japan), Floating Weeds

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