Japanese Film Screenings Overseas in July, 2012

The Japan Foundation is pleased to present and co-sponsor ongoing screenings of Japanese films at the following exhibitions and international film festivals around the world.


Touring Japanese Film Festival in East Europe
Dates: July 11 to August 6, 2012

Russia/ Moscow


Presented by: The Japanese Culture Department “Japan Foundation” of the All-Russia State Library for Foreign Literature
Films Screened:

Eight films including Woman in the Mist, The Young Women of Izu and The Tale of Genji

Best Selection Works of Tomu Uchida & Kenji Misumi (Korea)

April 26 to July 15, 2012


Korea/Jeonju, Seoul, Incheon, Daejeon, Gwangju

Jeonju International Film Festival, Seoul Art Cinema, Movie Space Juan, Gwangju Theater, Korea University, Daejeon Art Cinema, and others

Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Seoul
Films Screened:

Daibosatsutoge The Killer Pass I-III, Bloody Spear at Mt.Fuji, Yoshiwara The Pleasure Quarters by Tomu Uchida, The Life and Times of Ichi the Masseur, Fight, Zato-Ichi, Fight!, Ken by Kenji Misumi

Land Scape of Japanese Cinema, 150 Films for the 15th Anniversary of the Japanese Cultural Institute in Paris (Part 1) (France)

May 2 to July 28, 2012


France/ Paris

The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris

Presented by: The Japan Cultural Institute in Paris
Films Screened:

70 films by theme of “Fukushima,” “Family,” “Love,” “Children” and Retrospective of Jun Ichikawa

Two Masters of Japanese Cinema : Kaneto Shindo & Kozaburo Yoshimura (UK)

June 1 to July 30, 2012


UK/ London

BFI Southbank

Presented by: The Japan Foundation, London, British Film Institute (BFI)
Films Screened:

12 titles by Kaneto Shindo such as Children of Hiroshima, The Owl and The Island, 12 titles  including Clothes of Deception, Warm Current and The Tales of Genji by Kozaburo Yoshimura

Daiei Film Festival (Germany)

June 18 to September 27, 2012


Germany/ Cologne

The Japan Cultural Institute in Cologne

Presented by: The Japan Foundation
Films Screened:

23 titles including Gate of Hell, Crammed Streetcar and Clothes of Deception by Daiei Studios

Japanese Film Screening 2012 (Singapore)
Dates: July 1 to 8, 2012


National Museum of Singapore

Presented by: The Japan Foundation, Japan Creative Centre (JCC), Singapore Film Society, National Museum of Singapore
Films Screened:

Stolen Desire, Nishi Ginza Station, Endless Desire, The Insect Woman and Intensions of Murder by Shohei Imamura
Not Long after Leaving Shinagawa by Yuzo Kawashima
Juvenile Jungle by Ko Nakahira
Red Handkerchief by Toshio Masuda
Gate of Flesh by Seijun Suzuki
The Woman with Red Hair by Tatsumi Kumashiro

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