Middle East Group Study Program 2008 Final Presentation Session “Development and Societies”

Middle East Group Study Program 2008 Final Presentation Session "Development and Societies"

Final Presentation Session "Development and Societies"

The fifth Middle East Group Study Program is designed to provide young researchers/journalists in the Middle East with an opportunity to visit Japan and be engaged in making network with Japan, for three weeks. In the current year, fifteen participants have collaborated through a series of lectures, site visits/ field trips and workshops with counterparts in Japan, organised around the overall theme of "Development and Societies", supervised by Kazuko SHIOJIRI, Specially Appointed Professor, University of Tsukuba. In the final presentations, each participant will report on these themes through their own research field.

Date: November 28, 2008 (Friday)
Time: 13:30-17:00(Doors open at 13:00)
Place: JFIC Hall "SAKURA" Access
Fee: Free
Method of
Please contact the above division by either Fax (03-5369-6041) or E-mail to reserve a place.
Application Deadline: November 26 (Wed.)
Contact: Ms. Aoe TANAMI, Middle East and Africa Div.,
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Dept.
Tel: 03-5369-6071 Fax: 03-5369-6041


Photo of Mr. Aomar MOHELLEBI

Mr. Aomar MOHELLEBI (Algeria)
Journalist, Jounal L'Expression
Mr. MOHELLEBI graduated from National Institute of light industries and received his qualification as a technician in control of textile quality. He has been working as a journalist since 1994 in several newspaper publishing companies and now working for Journal L'Expression, daily national francophone newspaper focusing on politics, economics and culture in kabylia. He has also published several books and articles dealing with the Berber culture, language, and social change in Kabilia.

Photo of Mr. Sidi Mohammed MOHAMMEDI

Mr. Sidi Mohammed MOHAMMEDI (Algeria)
Researcher, Center de Recherche en Anthoropologie sociale et Culturelle
Mr. MOHAMMEDI received Master's Degree in Sociology from Oran University in 2006 and has taken doctor's course in the same department. Now he is working as a researcher at Center de Recherche en Anthoropologie sociale et Culturelle. He is researching on the role of family in local development in Algeria, and wishes to conduct a comparative research in Japan.

Photo of Ms. Amna Hamad AL-ROMAIHI

Ms. Amna Hamad AL-ROMAIHI (Bahrain)
Assistant Researcher, Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research
Ms. AL-ROMAIHI received her Master's Degree in Marketing Management from University of Gloucestershire in U.K. in 2005. She is now an Assistant Researcher at Bahrain Centre for Studies and Research, assisting the Research Services Coordinator in developing survery methodologies, implementation of research projects, importing data into analysis software, and generation of reports. She likes reading, travelling, swimming, and following up the latest issues related to the internet and computers.

Photo of Dr. Majeed Safar JASIM

Dr. Majeed Safar JASIM (Bahrain)
Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bahrain
Dr. JASIM received his PhD in Chemical & Process Engineering from Newcastle upon Tyne University in U.K. in 2002. Having won Fullbright Scholarship, he conducted his Postdoc Research activities at University of Texas in USA (September 2004s–sSeptember 2005). He is now an Assistant Professor at Department of Chemical Engineering of University of Bahrain. He writes weekly column for Al-Wasat Newspaper (widely read local Newspaper) on environment, energy, and global warming issues. Also, he is a member of American Institute of Chemical Engineers, and an associate member of the Institution of Chemical Engineers in UK. He likes travelling, taking photos, eating out, sampling/cooking different cuisines, watching cinema, playing football and basketball, and swimming.

Photo of Mr. Mohammad DADKHAH TEHRANI

Mr. Mohammad DADKHAH TEHRANI (Iran)
Ph.D. Student, Engineering Faculty, Tarbiat Modares University
Mr. DADKHAH TEHRANI received his MSc in Mechanical Engineering (Manufacturing and Production) in 2007 from Talbiat Modares University with a high academic record (ranked 2nd among MS graduated students), and is now a PhD student in Engineering Faculty of the same University. In addition to his research, he is very active in social activities.

Photo of Dr. Mostafa MEHRAEEN

Dr. Mostafa MEHRAEEN (Iran)
Professor, Department of Social Science, Imam Khomeini Research Institute
Dr. MEHRAEEN received his Master's Degree and his PhD in Faculty of Social Science, Tarbiat Modarres University. Dissertation title is "Conditions for Cultural production: Origins of Islamic Modernism Discourse in India, Egypt and Iran". From 2000 he has started his career as Assistant Professor at Department of Sociology, Imam Khomeini Research Institute, and is now Professor of the Institute.

Photo of Mr. Ra'ed Fawzi IHMOUD

Mr. Ra'ed Fawzi IHMOUD (Jordan)
Researcher and AIRSS Deputy Director General, Arab Institute For Research And Strategic Studies (AIRSS)
Mr. IHMOUD received his Master's Degree in Political Sciences from International Relation and International Law Section of Baghdad University in 1998. Since 2003 he has worked for Arab Institute For Research And Strategic Studies, and is now an International Relation Researcher (specialized in Middle East and Iraqi affairs) and also the Deputy Director General in charge of organizing researchers' daily works and supervising their research works etc. He has actively participated in academic workshops and conferences, including "Study Tour in US on Religion and Society" organized by National Peace Foundation in the U.S. (July 2008) and delivered a lecture on Iraqi security situation at Cairo University (February 2008).

Photo of Mr. Tayseer Yousef ABU ODEH

Mr. Tayseer Yousef ABU ODEH (Jordan)
Instructor of English Language, Department of English, Unversity of Jordan
Mr. ABU ODEH received his BA in English Language and Literature from University of Jordan in 2005 with the highest average at the Department of English. Since then he has been studying at Master program of English Literature at University of Jordan while he is teaching English Communication Skills as an instructor in the Language Centre of the University. He received the Japanese Scholarship of "The Ryoichi Sasakawa Young Leaders Fellowship Fund (SYLFF)" for his academic year 2007-2008.

Photo of Mr. Mohammed Shaaban El-Sayyid METWALLY

Mr. Mohammed Shaaban El-Sayyid METWALLY (Kuwait)
Structural Engineer, Option One International W.L.L.
Mr. EL-SAYYID received BSc in Civil Engineering, University of Ain-Shams with excellent academic record in 2003. He received "the Excellent Award for Undergraduate Students" by Egyptian Government twice during his undergraduate period. He started to work as a structural engineer since 2004 at several construction companies, and joined Option One International W.L.L. in June 2007. He is a member of the Egyptian syndicate of engineers and also a graduate member of the institution of civil engineers. In addition, he has some acquaintance with Japanese, and he won first prize in the beginner division of Japanese Language Speech Contest of this year in Kuwait.

Photo of Ms. Lara Mansour CHAHOUD

Ms. Lara Mansour CHAHOUD (Lebanon)
Researcher, specialized in sociology of development (The Committee of Development, Municipality of Qaa village)
Free writer for Ad-Diyar, An-Nahar, and As-Safir (Lebanese newspapers)
Ms. CHAHOUD received her Bachelor in Social Sciences from Lebanese University, Institute of Social Sciences (Department: Branch II), in 2006, and is now a Academic Master student, specialized in Sociology of Development (Department: Deanery). In addition, she is working as a researcher in the Committee of Developement in the Municipality of Qaa village, and will be nominated as the Director of the Local Development Office in this municipality. Her futur ambition is to establish a center for Social Sciences Research. She is fluent in Arabic, French and English. She likes reading, swimming and playing Ping Pong.

Photo of Mr. Abdelhamid ADDI

Mr. Abdelhamid ADDI (Morocco)
Student, Faculty of Economics and Law, Department of Economic Science, University of Mohamed 5th
Mr. ADDI received his Bachelor in Management from University of Mohamed 5th in 2002. He is now a student of Master Course in Marketing and Strategy at the same university, researching on "Development of Human Resources: Motivation and Satisfaction." He speaks Arabic and Berber as his native language and is very fluent in English and French. He is interested in Japanese culture, and is learning Japanese Language at the University. In this April, he made a very impressive speech on "Human Development" focusing on "Education for All" in the Japanese Language Speech Contest.

Photo of Dr. Sam A. F. ALFOQAHAA

Dr. Sam A. F. ALFOQAHAA (Palestine)
Lecturer, Faculty of Economics & Administrative Sciences, Department of Marketing, An-Najah National University
Dr. ALFOQAHAA received his MSc in Business Administration from AL-Quads University in 2003, and his PhD in Marketing from Amman Arab University of Graduate Studies in Jordan in 2007. After working for a private company as sales supervisor and Ministry of Planning as General Director for the Directorate General of Administrative Development, he is now a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Marketing, An-Najah National University.

Photo of Ms. Vivian TURK

Ms. Vivian TURK (Syria)
Academic Instructor at ELT Department, Higher Language Institute & English Instructor at Japanese Department, Damascus University
Ms. TURK acquired her diploma in Linguistics from Damascus University in 2005 with high academic record. She is an academic instructor at Higher Language Institute and also an English instructor at Japanese Department in the same University. She is a person with good linguistic ability, who speaks Arabic as her native language and is very fluent in English. She has a certificate of official permission for sworn translation. In addition, she can communicate in French, Italian, and Japanese. She likes reading, doing research, horse riding, and Aikido.

Photo of Mr. Ozgur SARI

Mr. Ozgur SARI (Turkey)
Teaching Assistant, Department of Sociology, Middle East Technical University
Mr. SARI received his Master's Degree in Political Science and Public Administration from Middle East Technical University in 2004. He continues his research in PhD course in Sociology at the same university and also in PhD course in Political Science and Public Administration at Ankara University, while working as a teaching assistant at Sociology Department of Middle East Technical University. He was a PhD visiting scholar at Department of Sociology of Seoul National University in South Korea (September 2006s–sFebruary 2007), researching "Technology, Innovation, and Development in Export Oriented Developing Economies: A Comparison of the Korean and Turkish Economies. He is fluent in English, German, Arabic, Greek, and also have some acquaintance with Korean and Japanese.

Photo of Mr. Ali Ali Abdullah DEHAQ

Mr. Ali Ali Abdullah DEHAQ (Yemen)
Head of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit, Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation
Mr. DEHAQ received Master's Degree in Public Administration from University of Jordan in 2001. Afterwards, he engaged in several development programs, such as Farmers community development program funded by World Bank, UNDP financed project "Poverty Monitoring Central Unit" at Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation, and preparation of "Socio-Economic Development Plan for Poverty Reduction 2006-2010 (DPPR)" at the same Minustry. He was appointed Acting Director General of Monitoring and Evaluation Unit at Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation in 2006, and now is the head of the Unit.

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