Fellow's Seminar: Dr. BAR-ON COHEN, Einat

Invitation to the Fellow’s Seminar Fiscal 2008-2009 (on November 25, 2008)

The Japan Foundation
Europe, Middle East and Africa Div.

The Japan Foundation would like to welcome you to join us for the Fellows' Seminar for Fiscal 2008-2009. The presenter is Dr. BAR-ON COHEN, Einat from Islael, Researcher of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

Date: Tuesday, November 25, 2008
Time: 17:30-19:00
Venue: Seminar Room 2 at the Japan Foundation Head Office(9F).
The Japan Foundation headquarters moved to the new office.
Please refer to the link below.


Admission Fee: Free
Language: English (no interpretation)
Contact: If you would like to attend the seminar, please notify Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Dept. by Tuesday, November 25, 2008 with your name, affiliation, and contact information (tel., fax or e-mail).
If you would apply by e-mail, please be aware to write the name of the presenter and the date of the seminar in the title. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.
Tel: 03-5369-6069/ Fax: 03-5369-6041 E-mail
Presenter: Dr. BAR-ON COHEN, Einat
Islael, Researcher of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Presentation Theme: “ Kyudo and the anthropology of Japanese martial art "

The talk will describe a work in progress, and center on short-term anthropological fieldwork of Japanese archery - kyudo. Eugene Herrigel's book "Zen and the art of archery" published in the middle of the 20th century, was the first to present Zen Buddhist Japanese practice in the West. Since then, however, the world of kyudo acquired new sociological, organizational, aesthetic and spiritual forms, while other facets - such as the use of the bow, arrows and the body - remained relatively constant. Through observing and participating in the lives of three kyudojo, observing dan tests and a tournament organized by the "all Nippon kyudo federation", and through interviews with central teachers, I could divulge certain facets of this world.

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