Fellow's Seminar: Mr. Chakib SERFATI

Invitation to the Fellow’s Seminar Fiscal 2008-2009 (on March 4th, 2009)

The Japan Foundation
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Department

* This Seminar is canceled.

The Japan Foundation would like to welcome you to join us for the Fellows' Seminar for Fiscal 2008-2009. The presenter is Mr. Chakib SERFATI from Morocco, who is a fish processing inspector in the delegation of maritime fischeries, Agadir in Morocco, with an affiliation with Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Morocco.

Date: Wednesday March 4th, 2009
Time: 15:00-16:30
Venue: JFIC Space “KEYAKI” at the Japan Foundation Head Office
The Japan Foundation headquarters moved to the new office.
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AdmissionAdmission Fee: Free
Language: English (no interpretation)
Contact: If you would like to attend the seminar, please notify Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange Dept. by March 3rd, 2009 with your name, affiliation, and contact information (tel., fax or e-mail).
If you would apply by e-mail or fax, please be aware to write the name of the presenter and the date of the seminar in the title. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Tel: 03-5369-6071/ Fax: 03-5369-6041 E-mail
Presenter: Mr. Serfati Chakib
Ministry of Agriculture and Fishing, Morocco
Fish processing inspector in the delegation of maritime fisheries, Agadir, Morocco
Presentation Theme: “Coastal Zone Management Policy in Morocco: A Comparative Study between Morocco and Japan"

Mr. Serfati’s presentation focuses on the overview situation in Morocco especially on its coastal zone management policy with two case studies that he has previously done in Morocco: one in Imessouane and the other in Imi Ouaddar. He will aim at reporting some of his progresses in his research during his stay in Japan about fishing structure in Japan including fisheries cooperative associations.

Introduction of Presenter: Mr. Chakib SERFATI


Engineering degree in agronomy, specialty halieutics delivered by the Hassan II agronomy and veterinary institute, Rabat, Morocco, with honors
Diploma of general agronomy (D.A.G) delivered by the Hassan II agronomy and veterinary institute, Rabat, Morocco

Work experience

Chief of the service of seafarers in the delegation of maritime fishing, Essaouira, Morocco
chief of the fishing boat parking (PDA of Imi Ouaddar), Agadir, Morocco
fish processing inspector in the delegation of maritime fisheries, Agadir, Morocco

Training and seminars


three months training in agricultural exploitation in France
One month training in rural domain in Khenifra region, Morocco
One month training in agricultural enterprise in Taroudante region, Morocco
Training course boarding fishing vessels (seiners, trawlers and long liners), duration: 45 days
One month training in the National Institute of Research in halieutics (I.N.R.H), Casablanca, Morocco

Seminars & workshops:

« Morocco and the sea right », Rabat, Morocco
« Workshop on Mediterranean aquaculture », Tangier, Morocco
Training session of the inspectors of fishing industries, Larache, Morocco
Training session about project management, Rabat, Morocco
Training session about communication techniques, Rabat, Morocco
Training session about teamwork dynamics, Rabat, Morocco
Training session about the traceability of fishing products, Vigo, Spain


  • A socio-economic study on dam's fishing in Morocco: Idriss 1st dam as a case study.
  • Contribution to the study on the integration and management of fishing villages: Imessoaune as a case study
  • The management policy of the Moroccan coast: Imessouane and Imi Ouaddar as a case study
  • Status of fish processing industry in Agadir, Morocco

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