Kyoto Conference on Culture and the Environment: Seeking New Global Role for Japan

Kyoto Conference on Culture and the Environment:
Seeking New Global Role for Japan

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Kyoto Conference on Culture and the Environment: Seeking New Global Role for Japan A Future Agenda for the Global Partnership: Defining Culture as a Fundamental Factor of the Environmental Management


Leaflet of Kyoto Conference on Culture and the Environment: Seeking New Global Role for Japan
Leaflet: “Kyoto Conference on
Culture and the Environment:
Seeking New Global Role for Japan”

The global society in the 21st century needs to come up immediately with comprehensive measures to tackle environmental problems. Faced with this challenge, citizens and businesses around the world have started to take a variety of actions. Under such international circumstances, we wonder how Japan can contribute to the world using its own unique features.

It is a fact that people around the world use their individual “measurement” based on their unique cultures and histories to address environmental issues and take action against them.

From ancient times, Japanese people have expressed their admiration for nature through various art forms, including waka and haiku poetry, tea ceremony, flower arrangement and landscaping, all of which come from Japanese cultural aesthetic ideas such as wabi, sabi and yugen. Based on these ideas, people nurture their historical views and cultural values, and apply them to solve environmental problems or develop new technologies. We find Japanese companies do the same when they carry out corporate social responsibility programs to solve environmental problems and lead the 21st century.

At the Kyoto Conference, we will talk about the actions taken by companies in Kyoto and consider how to develop the “measurement” that links our two pillars – culture and the environment – with those companies.

Our discussion at the conference will include the following points;
On what kind of cultural and social backgrounds do businesses base their needs to address environmental issues in light of their CSR commitment?
What kind of action can businesses take to make a difference in society?

Businesses in Kyoto develop precise measuring instruments and nano-technologies, and are now considered to be world leaders in the area. However, they rely on Japanese culture and traditional crafts in many ways. Therefore, we will explore three fields - product development, high-tech innovation and CSR activities – to identify their unique cultural characteristics and use them to build a new business model for Japanese companies.

This will be a good opportunity for business operators in Kyoto to discuss such themes with international intellectuals and share their thoughts about collaboration between culture and the environment.  

Through this dialog, we will develop a measurement for the advancement of Japanese environmental technologies in the 21st century” and create a framework through which we can support public and private environmental protection efforts.

We hope to welcome many international participants to the conference and have lively discussions with Kyoto-based enterprises.

Date & Time Thursday, December 10, 2009 13:30-16:30
Venue Kyoto Hotel Okura, “Sui-un” (North) [ Access Map (PDF:External link)]
Language Japanese and English with simultaneous interpretation
Admission Fee Free
Registration Deadline is extended. please register.
Please register by sending your name, affiliation, and telephone number via e-mail (E-mail) or via FAX (03-5369-6041) by December 4th. Please make sure to enter “Symposium on December 10th” in the title when sending an e-mail.
Contact “Culture and the Environment” office
Japanese Studies and Intellectual Exchange, The Japan Foundation
4-4-1 Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku Tokyo
TEL: 03-5369-6071/FAX:03-5369-6041/E-mail : E-mail


13:00 Venue opens

Opening Remarks

13:30-13:45 Daisaku Kadokawa (Mayor, Kyoto City)
Kazuo Ogoura (President, The Japan Foundation)

Today’s Agenda by the Chair

13:45-14:00 Sawako Takeuchi (Professor, Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto University)
“Japan’s New Role for the Global Society”

Keynote Addresses

14:00-15:00 Alain Bucaille (Senior Vice President, Research and Innovation, AREVA)
“Environmental Issues, CSR, and Culture: Citizens’ View”

Kichizaemon Raku (15th generation Kichizaemon)
“Collaboration between Arts and Corporations: Finding Links between Traditional Culture and CSR”

Panel Session

15:00-16:30 “Defining Culture as a Fundamental Factor of the Environmental Management – Suggestions of New Measurement from Kyoto”

Moderator: Sawako Takeuchi
Alain Bucaille
Shigehiko Hattori (Chairman of the Board, SHIMADZU CORPORATION)
Atsushi Horiba (Chairman, President & CEO, HORIBA, Ltd.)
Tadausz Adam Ozog (President Director, Nippo Corporation)

16:30 Closing Remarks
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