Values Without Borders: “Cultural Diplomacy ” Starts At Home

Values Without Borders: "Cultural Diplomacy" Starts At Home


Culture has been playing an increasingly important role in diplomacy. As in the cases of "Manga" and "Anime", values that transcend one country's culture are being globally enjoyed and appreciated, and function as an essential diplomatic tool to attract world attention to their home country.

Diplomacy in the 21st century is, however, being conducted by not only the government , but also a wide variety of "other" actors, including corporations, NPOs, and ultimately ordinary individuals. Our daily experiences, way of life, understanding of human nature and interpretation of world views are now shaping the form of diplomacy for the country in which we live. In this sense, diplomacy, especially cultural diplomacy, can no longer be exercised without the backing of the general public of its home country, nor can it be promoted separate from the country's domestic cultural policy.

The Japan Foundation invites Prof. John Holden, an Associate at the independent think tank Demos where he was Head of Culture from 2000 to 2008, to provide a public lecture and share his insights to those questions of what and who defines the values of cultural diplomacy and how cultural diplomacy and domestic cultural policy can be most dynamically linked. The lecture will be followed by a panel discussion on the challenges and future prospects of cultural diplomacy with the invited Japanese experts.

Date & Time Thursday, March 11th, 2010: 18:00-20:30 (Doors Open at 17:30)
Venue International House of Japan (I-House: Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) Access
  • Public Lecture by Prof. John Holden
  • Comments by Prof. Sumiko Kumakura, Tokyo University of the Arts Prof. Yasushi Watanabe, Keio University
Partners The Japan Foundation, British Council and Association for Corporate Support of the Arts
Languages Japanese and English (Simultaneous Translation Provided)
Admission Fee Free (150 Maximum Capacity)
Registration Go to Registration From LINK and reserve your seat, or send us an email stating your name, affiliation, and contact information by March 8 (Monday)
Registration Europe, Middle East, Africa Division, Japanese Studies & Intellectual Exchange Dept. The Japan Foundation
Tex. 03-5369-6071 / Fax. 03-5369-6041  E-mail

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John Holden was previously Head of Culture at Demos and is a Visiting Professor at City University. He has Masters Degrees in law and art history and his main professional interest is in the development of people and organisations in the cultural sector. He has been involved in numerous major projects across the sector, from libraries to music to heritage, and has worked with many organisations both large and small. He was a principal organiser of the influential Valuing Culture conference in June 2003, and has developed a theme of work around the topic of cultural value. John has spoken at many conferences in the UK, and also in Finland, the U.S., Australia and New Zealand. John is a member of the Management Committee of the Clore Leadership Programme, and a FRSA.

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